Time to Consider Mileage Shop

With the latest debacle of disabling powerpasses due to bots filing chargebacks, I think this would be a good time to discuss mileage shop. Clearly the 3 day gold delay was not working as AGS had hoped so adding the shop would incentivize players to interact more with the currency exchange rather than relying on bots. Less players relying on rmt = less bots. Players still get to spend money while supporting the game and getting a little bit extra out of it.


Mileage shop became the amazing amethyst vendor we have today, which provides a wonderful battle wolf mount if you hoard amethysts from every source for…18 months :smile:

yes i totally agree, brilliant idea and a big motivation to buy bezos gold.

Pardon my question but what exactly is a mileage shop?

You know how lots of stores like Starbucks has point systems where for every purchase you earn points and can redeem it for stuff? That, but for Royal Crystals.

In KR, there are mileage only skins.

The west would QQ something about pay to win skins, so instead we have Amethyst Shards which is a bastardized version of mileage.

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