Time to Heal Quest: Avele Not at Castle


I am running into an issue with this quest. I’m currently stuck at “Persuade Avele,” which indicates she is in Vern Castle, however, she is currently not there. I have unlocked South Vern which may be as to why she is currently not in the castle, but I cannot interact with her on this in South Vern either.

Hello! Normally when NPC’s aren’t where they’re meant to be, another quest has sent them elsewhere in the realm.

Have a look through your active quests and complete any others related to Avele.

Let me know how it goes!

I had to complete the main quest at South Vern in order to speak with Avele. Kind of a pain that you need to complete a main quest which blocks rapport side quests but at least they’re showing up in Vern Castle again now.