Time to hunt needs a rework (Gunslinger)

I main gunslinger and find it annoying that it only has one viable option as class engraving. Other classes have 2 viable options like deathblade that they can choose based on their playstyle preference or other classes have options like lower dps but more survivability, better aoe and less single target etc Gunglingers on the other hand have peacemaker which 99% of players use or time to hunt which is only in the game for new players or people who can’t master using 3 weapons.

Time to hunt only has 1 pro and that is it’s easier to play. This is bad design, if people can’t play gunslinger then play something easier, don’t make a class engraving that does low dps but makes gunslinger an easy class.

Also another down side of having this engraving is nothing will ever sell with that stat on it.

Maybe change it so rifle skills now back attack and do low damage if not a back attack to add some strategy to it and then boost the rifle attack back attack damage so the damage of the build could be closer to peacemaker or something.

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Im tth main now, and i’m happy with it:)
easy to play, good damage with spec/cri build
for the people like gunslinger but also want a bit relax, tth is the best option.

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Why are you opening 1 year old threads

It has higher burst that PM.