Time to merge euw and euc ah

i cant find anything, even some combination of most popular engravings are problematic. I cant do 4x3 on my alt and i cant do any upgrade to my 4x3 on main. i doubt there is such big problem at EUC AH. On top of that people went completely mad and legendary items costs as relics used to and relics are so overpriced, it is common to see 533 ring under 20 quality to sell for 8,5k.

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With all the respect and regarding you fighting for us the playerbase… Do you think that blackmailing one of the most wealthy companies in the world is such a good idea? :sweat_smile:

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well legendary prices have spikey in EUC too , for about 2-3 weeks but its going down again. For an alt its not problem to gear 4x3, pheons are only problem. I did 2x alts 4x3 and cost for both was about 15k-20k, including pheons.

The prices on EUW are insane, I fully agree.

For example, the skin on EUW that I bought was a few k of gold, the same skin was available on EUC for a few hundred. :laughing:

I dont know if this is what the bots did to the market, as EUW never seemed to have many, but yes, EUC is much cheaper no doubt about that. If you got the Pheons for it, gearing a new char is much cheaper there, including cosmetics.

As for the amount of relics,

There is no doubt that EUC has more offers, but its far from “mega super duper much”. For my bard I got 7 pages for relics, with desp. salv + expert, but the list is much smaller if I filter for swiftness & specialisation.

EUW has less pages and due my low gold I cant buy any of it, but the issue in my opinion is still more the actual game, than the location.

Both regions do struggle in their own ways, EUC will be where EUW is today in a few weeks if we talk AH offers, so it is logical that someday both regions should have a combined AH.

Both regions are already struggling in the quest zones and with server only content such as world bosses or chaos gates, which is why the merge will come.

But, all of that will not fix the basic problem of the game and that is the lack of players in high end content + new players.

This needs a look at by AGS, this would achieve a lot more I think than focusing on merges as a solution alone, while they are in the end, not saving the game.

If we consider that LA has 100.000 players in NA and EU and 30.000 of them play on EU, then we might be looking at a ratio of 3:1 in favor of EUC, but that is still a very low number for an MMO.

Ofc. true numbers only AGS can give us, I base my guess on the steam charts and experience on both regions.

Btw. the party finder on EUC has so many gold sellers, that if we break it down to actual groups, we are again not as far ahead of EUW. Luckily queues pop instant on both regions, but this may change some day too, as we can see already at the guardians in T1 or T2.

Because of these things, I keep reminding people that EUC may look as the savior now, but the fundamental issues of the game do exist there as well.

Those that want to try EUC are welcome to do so, the mokoko event will boost your chars quickly to T3. :crazy_face:

I am not intimidated at all, if that is what you’re getting at - AGS is fairly dependent on good press and keeping players coming in. Which is exactly where bad press would hurt. The wealth of a company (or its parent company) is irrelevant, I am simply warning people of an actual legit scam and fraudulent behaviour with that - while also helping out a magazine that, like all magazines, is suffering from the summer influence on game releases and thus news to report on.

AGS and Smilegate can easily counteract that then - by doing their fucking homework and stop being butthurt over “technology that doesn’t exist”. Like lol, I’m not asking to settle a colony on friggin Jupiter. I’m asking for cross-region AHs as a start. That technology VERY much exists. Maybe not for this game yet but it can definitely be made. Othr games have even made complete reworks, such as FF XIV or Elder Scrolls Online (its endgame content specifically).

So yeah customer service IS an option! And I want AGS and Smilegate to finally fucking take that into account and honor it.

I totally get where you are comming from. Its just that, as you stated… they are like every major company dependend on their reputation. Reputation equals money in that case. The moment you adress them directly, publicly threaten them to release informations with the intend to get something or damage them on purpose. Well thats blackmailing and could lead to them sueing you cause its illegal and reputation cases are also a thing in germany. Just wanted to make sure you got enough money to repay possible damages :smiley:

And well… Actually Smilegate has to develop that and despite you seemingly beeing very angry at everyone involved. They simply won’t do it wich is only natural. Its not profitable to invest time and recources for a couple of players in 1 region half around the world.

But maybe EUW is lucky and im wrong in my assumption. :slight_smile:

Lol what the fuck? Do you honestly think I care about wee AGS trying to sue me? They can gladly come and try. I actually studied law and this is a non-case, plus even if it was, I have virtually unlimited funds because I have none and thus there is nothing to be gained from me, there is nothing to get, I am living at the lowest possible income allowed in Germany, just that I am very comfortable with it because I’m frugal. So yeah, let them try and do their thing - I’d film myself laughing tears at the very letter knowing fully well nothing can be done against me. I can not be charged with any payments - and with my health situation I also won’t have to fear any other repercussions. In other words: I am a nightmare for AGS as I have nothing to lose and everything to gain and I’m pretty sharp minded and well educated on top.

So yes, different from you, I actually understand german law and how there is absolutely nothing AGS can do about it, especially if I am involving journalistic outlets as those are extremely well protected by law.

Also: you really should learn what blackmailing is. Jesus Christ, I’m laughing so hard lol. As if I can be intimidated by a company lol!

Lol you sound like they’ve slain your family, ruined your business and crippled you… all together. Your blood pressure must be through the roof.

Great, have fun :smiley:
Ill check the media for any news, lets see if you let actions follow your words. But in the end no matter how much you boast, you fight windmills :wink:

Well, I have just now tentatively contacted the magazine, offering them well-founded detailed information if they should be interested in learning more about this. If that does not pique their interest, I can also submit a reader article there and see if that gets accepted.

For me this is very easy, I can only win if anything but I also am not going to hold my breath. I will insttead be trying out Final Fantasy XIV which is an actually complete and polished game, sure I’ll find things that aren’t to my liking there but the sheer fact they reprogrammed their entire game at one point because it was not to the audience’s liking shows me a significant difference in how a customer is valued vs. AGS/Smilegate’s scamming tactics, incompetence and laziness.

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So then the fault goes back to ags for even making euw.
“We’ve been warning you” are you Jehovah’s Witnesses going from door to door. If you weren’t going from door to door how else could everyone have heard the voices of the almighty forum.
Also ags was promoting EUW in the first place, even baiting ppl. Maybe some even felt responsible to switch bc they live in the west.
If everybody always would know better, there would be no inflation, no ww2 and no religion.

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They are many options they could have done like a hyperexpress to 1415 only available on EUW, or locked EUC, offered any sort of incentive to balance the regions but they chose not to and chose just to leave EUW to die. Very poor service.

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They dont give punika pass cayse we already logged in euw so we cant