Time to upgrade your PC or internet

Ah, your wording made me believe otherwise, mb.

I mean…I dont have a great PC…or magic internet. Normal stuff…in Ireland…and rarely get a DC like I stated 2 in 4 months.

Maybe they messed up something when trying to ban the bots and made some internet providers unstable or idk, i reallyd on’t know about that topic lol i just know i don’t disconnect and im playing from Mexico so it’s weird

isnt fault of the internet, because it happen only in this game, is because the EAC who doesnt nothing, cant take control about the bots and dc a lot of players

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It makes perfect sense that random people across NA/EU/SA all with different internet providers and setups are all crashing to the same error message and that problem is on the individual.

Cya in a few days when suddenly G9x0 finds you my friend :slight_smile:


There are no bots rn and ppl still getting DC tho

It could very well be AGS’s very own provider that is having problems which directly affects most people tied to specific ISP’s.

Or it could just be issues with EAC and AGS build not playing nicely together and they’ve yet to figure out why.

They fucked up with Orange customers in France a few months back, it was a routing problem after an update on Lost Ark and yet they managed to tell everyone to go back towards Orange to fix the issue… Guild Wars 2 had the same problem at the same time with the same provider, and every services using AWS. So it was on Amazon side to fix it. They took 1 month and a half.

But in this case, not every AWS services are affected, I’ve not seen any complain on GW2 forums and stuff, so it’s only Lost Ark related this time.

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while typing here and im right now in brazil, but im usually in Chile get dced in both countries the same, got the same services in both countries 2gb telefonica internet and i have 70ms ping

im not saying about NOW, im saying the EAC are doing the dc today and the last week, what the “potential fix” does is make things worse

you’re in the forums coz you got DC’d haha

I have 500 mb internet and 20 ping and got about more than 10 dc last Saturday.

I also have that big internet package with my own provider that gets me to around half a GB internet. My equipment can handle up to 1GB.

If I run my connection to the other side of the Country I get around 280 Mbps and up to 65 idle latency.