Tinfoil hat time

servers are down, what’s your silliest possible imaginary reason for the crash?

i personally believe the server fairies are on strike


The amount of people in the same zone probably made one of the lil hamsters explode, couldn’t handle running on that wheel any more.


money, all the servers are down to make you pay money. /s

rip hammies you will be missed :pensive:

Too many bots logged in for the free 1k gold

DDOS attack

elon musk offered to buy AGS for 100$

Andy Jassy spilled coke on EU servers

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time to submerge the entire server room in rice and hope it works in 48hr

Someone pissed again on the EUC servers. Obviously.

hm curiously, the lag started the exact moment I decided to get a drink and typed that. apparently, the server fairies were not in support of that and decided to punish me. sorry to everyone else who got hit as well!


Kadan woke up in a bad mood and crashed the party.

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The cleaning lady remove the power cable of the server to use the powerlet for the vacuum cleaner

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trusted hobo who was rapidly blowing on overheated hamsters eventually lost breath.

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Two words. Seagull… Armada.

Should have let them die on that island guys, you reap what you sow


Massive bug in the client resulted in deleting the servers and we have to start from last available rollback which is 5 days ago

You know we’re making fun of the servers, right?
Telling the truth isn’t allowed.

sorry :zipper_mouth_face:

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the fairies the moment you got up:

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i can 300% see kadan saying you know what not in the mood for cinematics right now

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