Tiny Improvement?

I don’t mind that faceting gems costs so much silver, but can we do away with the RNG? Why not just let me pay the 90,000 silver to facet my lvl 7 gem, but at least be able to choose what skill to facet to? Does there really have to be excruciating RNG on everything?

I did 3 dailies on 6 characters, made enough silver to refacet my level 7 crimson flame gem to Spin Cutter, didn’t get it… it’s deflating content. I don’t think it’s game breaking to just let us choose a re-facet.

don’t think it should be completly out of randomness … a silversink is ok but maybe lessen it . for example roll for 3 skills ( 6 posibilies) or at least attack or cooldown only ?

That’s an interesting compromise. But yea I think with so much RNG everywhere, why not let this one thing just be smarter? Refaceting is like an art, and art like this should be precise. I just think it’d be nice.