Tip to new players

Hello, just wanted to let new players know that the game has a very punishing guild lock out system. First lock out is 24 hours, then 4 days and after that its 8 days.

There are a lot of guilds dying left and right post hype for the game and AGS. Chose ur group selectively.

Oh don’t forget to check out the Global chat tab ingame, can be pretty cool.


new players? where?


This graph looks like the 60-days milking cycle…

Tip for new players.
Wait till it’s released by a company that isn’t AGS.
??? Profit.

yup. i just left my guild and i find the ban pretty stupid. So many dead guilds in this game. Ive never once even seen anyone type anything in guild chat since i started.

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its become known as the Amazon Game Studios curse

I like “How to Milk A Whale in 60 Days” better but that’s just me

I really hate that all six of my characters are in a dead guild and when I leave I will have to wait days before taking a chance in another guild.

It’s actively hurting guild efficacy in my opinion.