Tired of being punished

For being both a min/max person and a completionist. As of this morning I’ve attempted to kill Brealos for his island soul every boss day and still no soul. That is multiple weeks of Thunderwings releases that I’m missing out on precious relic jewelry/other materials from a world boss that I should be killing. I have 70 island souls and Brealos is the first and only field boss one I’ve attempted and continues to not drop…

I’m not saying it should be 100% drop rate, but abysmal drop rates forcing players to choose between player progression and horizontal content on limited attempt events like field bosses is not exactly good game design.

Ok but how are you being punished?


It is your free choice to take a break and do something else. You are punishing yourself.


70 souls and you’re doing Frostfire? Just come back later.

I’m at 85 souls and still didn’t get it. When I get close to 90, I’ll switch back, but no point now

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What? By having to use my kill to attempt an island soul instead of killing the most relevant material provider for a field boss is literally punishing player progression.

I either attempt at the island soul-
Or I kill thunderwings for relevant materials/jewelry.

It was LESS punishing prior to relic jewelry release, but still not ideal.

it is a choice you make. The game is full of that.

I didn’t say it wasn’t my choice.

I said the FORCED choice is poor game design. I’m not being forced to choose what Island soul to chase, or if I should do horizontal content vs horizontal content.

I’m being forced to choose between VERTICAL content and HORIZONTAL content.

You are not missing anything, I’ve relic drops are comparable to diablo 3 primal ancients, even when you find something it’s endurance

ok what’s the problem here? if you think vertical progression is more important than horizontal, do thunderwings. If you don’t care that much and care more for horizontal progression, do Brealos. As simple as that.

I’m not defending the game design. I know it is dog shit. But… it is what it is and you need to get yourself arranged with that. Otherwise you won’t get happy with it. And you must now that they won’t change it. They haven’t in 3 years and they won’t do it another 3 years.

The problem is “I care about BOTH”. That may be an easy decision for people, ok great. But it drives me crazy, and I personally don’t think the two should be linked.

It’s like specific food drop items. At least in these scenarios it’s 100% drop so I know I only have to break for 1 kill.

It is poor game design. Minimally island souls and food items can remain low drops but should certainly be independent of normal drops.

I think I’m well versed in game design. I don’t see your point. I made the point to say that horizontal content and vertical content shouldn’t be linked. I said it in the general forums as a complaint. You pretty much said “It’s my choice, stop complaining”.

If I thought it was going to change something I’d have posted in game feedback. I posted in general forums to vent my irritation. Of course nothing is going to change. I can think of a lot more ridiculous shit to vent about.

Was that supposed to be impressive horizontal progression?

You’re just at the beginning.

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i only read, cries in english

I’m exactly aware what you want. You want to catch the carrot. You want to chill until the next content drops so you can chase the next one without looking back. But that won’t happen. This is no FF14 and no WoW. Get used to it.

So you made a choice, now you think your decision was bad? then blame the game lol

No…That’s not what I want. If I said I want it to be a 100% drop then sure I could see that assumption.

I want vertical resources to be separated from horizontal resources. If I could killed thunderwings or choose the ilvl drops from the ONE boss I was killed on field boss days that would be different.

So let me break it down for you:
I would be ok if I could select 1415 materials to drop for whatever field boss I killed, with the island soul remaining intact at it’s whatever percentage. This way I get the MATERIALS and I can still progress horizontally.

There is literally only positive from wanting this. The only people that would find this negative or troll the thread are those that A) Don’t care about horizontal content or B) Don’t care about vertical content and C) Both are ok with some artificial forced choice between vertical or horizontal.

Again I don’t think it’s going to change but it is 100% a reasonable desire.

2/10 - Try harder next time.

I was going to respond to you but then…

I realized that was a pointless endeavor.

Why? What are you scared of?

As I said in another topic earlier today, I’m playing on a server that’s not among the most populated on EUC. There are not even 5 guilds that have a lot of 1445+ people and you see them every single day, a lot of players from those guilds. Especially during field bosses.

Then GvG starts, the biggest whale content in the game and guess what happens? A lot of islands are dominated by guilds that I’ve literally never seen anyone from and I’ve been playing nearly every single day. Not a single player. Why? Because they’re RMTers hiding in their strongholds to avoid reports. But they’re too greedy not to appear for GvG.

If you’re clean, there’s nothing to worry about. Same goes for people with lvl10 gems across the board. Noone sane is spending a million gold on 10lvl gems unless it’s heavy RMT.

Btw, how pathetic you have to be to go through someone’s posts on a forum? I know. You literally have nothing smart to say, so you’re trying to strawman your way out of this. Pathetic.