Tired of seeing people crying

I feel realy sad for all thoses players and streamers that crying more and more every day, the game gonna die, this bad decision, they kill the game. etc etc etc

Last crying topic, Argos, people crying because Argos is released and they cant do it.
where the heck in a video game, do you think you always gonna be ready for the hardest content in game ?
What the hell is that way to always wanna be at the top and instantly clean the content day one.
Im pretty sure 90% of you took month to acceed the highest raid level in other MMO and TRY to clear it
Duck all thoses streamers that talk like scientist and expose you why its a bad decision.
Duck all that new player wave that wish to have every thing instantly than after cry because there is no content.

It makes me half sad half funny to see how people feels complexed because they cant do the hardest raid content day 1 instantly.

You maybe all done mythic raids day one in wow ?
90& of players was still struggling in heroic when mythic released.

Pity all thoses players that cries, "ouinouin there is Argos and i have not the GL, i wanna smile gate giving me instant 1370, i wanna smilegate giving me Mats and honing chance.

Thats fucking crazy

Where the hell in a Game, new content of higher difficulty that sets you a goal, was not good for the game ??? i can not anderstand.

Where the hell in Any MMo, the hardest content was day one accessible for every one.

Sick sad player comunauty.
Games dont dies by them selves, streamers and people kills them.


Argos is not equivalent to Mythic raids lol. It’s not even a Legion raid, just an Abyss raid. Not even end game content dude.

If you don’t understand the mentality of people wanting to play what a game company is heavily advertising than I can’t help you.

And it’s not like oh those players will just have to wait a week or two…someone in T2 right now, with current honing chances and materials available, won’t be able to do Argos for like 2 months at least. Even the whales have trouble getting to 1370.

Tell me what game company releases content that only 1% or less of players can do…like that just doesn’t make any sense. And then they release videos on the fight and how to do it, mechanics etc. lol ok thanks Amazon, i’ll watch those 3 months from now when I can do it.

And one last thing. In KR and RU, they’re doing exactly what you’re complaining about…when new content is released they release catch up mechanics so that people can do that content lol. So please shut up. Thank you.


So you are making this crying topic because of other people crying about stuff?

I feel like theres a hint of irony somewhere.


Haha pretty accurate