Tired of Unas on your alts? 1x Done + 2x Rest Bonus

Hi. Just wanted to let you guys know a tip I just discovered. If you have a lot of alts and you don’t wanna do 3x Unas on all of them, you can do 1x per day and “waste” the other 2. The 2 wasted will become 20 rest bonus, which feeds your 1x into a 2x. What I do is I find a 5x Great Honor Leapstone Unas task, then I save a bifrost on all my alts there, and I just need to do that one unas task. I’ll get 10 Great Honors. 1x Unas, 2x “wasted” which becomes rest bonus.

Traditionally I only played one character and got an alt here and there thanks to power passes etc. Now that we’re in the 1400s the game “system” has changed to more of a focus on doing weekly raids, using that gold to buy the 1x gold materials. So now I’ll probably start doing this trick on all my alts to get their ilvl up.


Or just do Lopang on Alts what takes like 2min.


i put my alt for 3x feiton for ghl, and some on lopang for silver. only took like 5 min tops per alts.

The inability to see the context behind the post … no one mentioned lopang silver alts dude.

Your whole post is nonsense since it takes 5minutes to do the ghl daily’s.

So ofc I didn’t „react“ to your „idea“ and put up the Lopang alternative

I do this 1 rested 2 waste “trick” since release with my 10 lopapang slaves .
The one that gives 25k silver , gives 50k rested - 2000 for bifrost in under 2 minutes x10.
For the leapstones i do the one on hope island from the goblins. It gives only 4 (8 rested) but it is mutch quicker then the ones in feiton.
If i need more stones and have the time, i ll do the ones in feiton to at the end of the day.

It takes more time to log in into a char than it is to complete eponas.
Thats the real pain.

Idk about you but I have Alakkir, Hypnos’ Eyes, and Peyto Cab as my unas. Takes far longer than 5 minutes. See more people who talk about burn out, cya.

Then that’s about you if you want to burn yourself out for 1 more GHL.

Don’t see the point. If you’re doing greater honors, silver, or shards there’s options for any of those that take 2min for all 3.

Already wasting time relogging and doing 1. Mine as well turn that 1-2 min into 2-3 and do all 3. Doing just the 1 is more time per Una than doing all 3.

If trying to save time doing 1 daily is inefficient and a waste of time. Better to not do for 2 days, get 3 bars rested and get 2x for all 3 dailies. You’ll get 2 days worth of rewards for only doing it once every 3 days.

Better to either do them daily or every 3rd day. If you plan on doing 1x per day might as well not bother doing them at all.

I love it how you guys have so few alts that you are able to play them all!


The pic might be little misleading. I only can play on two rosters, and both only has 6 character slots, the other having one empty char that’s waiting Artist, whenever that comes, and the other having extra 6 due to merges. Which I don’t know yet how I will use them, but right now I think I will abandon 3x 1370 DPS chars on my main roster and level up other chars I created right before merge from zero instead, so that I can share gems and engravings with them.

The other two rosters are just placeholders I created, just in case AGS eventually realizes that it’s kinda bad to allow players to play on some many rosters. So IMO it’s possible they will sometime lock the rosters. I think a real player with no cheating bots can play about 4 rosters in total, I’m sure players botting chaos dungeos and using levelling bots to do levels 1-50 can play far more.

Feiton x2 (Unsolved Mystery of the Watchers, Kinsera’s Memorial Service) and Shushire (Where It Belongs)
2 minutes per character, 12 Great Honor Leapstones.

If I was going to do a 5 GHL daily it’d be Kalthertz, doing Punika sailing co-op now-and-then is enough to fund buying out whatever prisoners are up at the time.

Very nice tip. Thank you.

Nothing. Finished all important stuffs like skill points, collectible items and then I stopped. I don’t care about HGL, Lopang or something.
Only my main keeps casually doing unfinished Una for achievements.

Honestly I think una’s takes the least amount of time, I pretty much always do the 2 in feiton And 1 in sushire teleport around with bifrost and they done in like max 5 min

With all Una completed life has become Hope, Wailing, Nameless or Lopang across my roster.

I generally use Una’s as my excuse to log everyone in at least once for guild donation.

This is what I’m doing cuz I’m too lazy. 7 characters and rest bonus for things almost full on everyone. Think maybe I’m either burning out or just don’t care because I used to do all daily chores on my main everyday, never rest bonus, but now I let it stack too. Only do when I have 2 bars for guardians and chaos. For Una (main) I just do KFC or Online Prisoners. GHLs don’t matter as much for my main anymore. I’m parking for now and I have 1.5k leaps on her.

For lopang alts I do all 3 when full rest bonus.
For providence stone alts, I do only 1 una a day so I get double the amount of stones. Not that it matters tho because I have so many stones already.

Its faster and more efficient just to do the 3 una’s for 4 GHL that’s 12 in 2 minutes.

Lopang 2 min per char…

Hope and feiton 2 min perchar…

Thats not a issue