TLDR: Fix the game. NOW. Stop letting greed kill this game

Smilegate and AGS, if you do the following, the game will thrive and nagative sentiment on the forums and social media will plummet and you will make more money longterm. Stop being shortsighted and greedy.

-Increase honing rate slightly (10% would be fine).

-Add the missing content. Where are heroic guardians? Abyss trials? Bridge?? Should have already been in the game. Honing rates don’t even need to be buffed that much if we could just actually play the game to earn materials at a reasonable rate.

-Add more skins. Both to the cash shop and methods to earn them in game.

-Add pvp vendor and ranked.

-Add the missing classes.

That’s it. You do JUST these things and the myriad of other glaring issues will be tolerable.


Just fix it man, it can’t be that hard. Just push the button AGS. Why don’t you push the button?? the game is dying. Please maaan just fix it hellooo?

They could buff honing a little bit but for the rest i dont think they are ready to add all this content you are asking for :joy:
Even if they were ready though, why waste all this content in one go when they can slowly release it and profit?