To AGS / SG management: Can you finally start listening to the community?

How many more players have to quit before you to realize that players are what makes or breaks the game?

We - the players are not dumb to not see what you guys are doing with skins and class releases. I have personally spent quite much money in games (and I was willing to spend on LA too) but I haven’t spent anything besides Founder’s Pack and I won’t spend a single penny until you stop with your drip feeding s**t skins and classes. A lot of players right now are holding their money and this is exactly what they should do.

Once again, look at the graph (ignore bots and let’s assume there were no bots at start of the game) - is that the future you are willing to lead the game into? This month the peak of players probably won’t go over 160k - unless bots come back.

One could argue that the game isn’t meant for everyone - sure but every day people who actually like the game and its systems are leaving due to various of reasons - I won’t repeat them as they are all around the forums. This is what is making me mad and I know that you can do a way better job but you simply think you know better.

This sounds pretty familiar right?

So what are the next steps? 100k players July, 60k players August - will you then FINALLY stop ignoring the community or are you gonna realize that this what you do will most likely kill the game on the long term.


They don’t doing it at any time, even in the future.

I mean, why they have to? people still eating the sh** all the day again, going online, doing chaos dungeon, guardian raids and buy every single trashskin on the market. Amazon is by far the most intellecent company money wise.

AGS doing literally nothing but people still believe in them XD


I think the new event is an inside joke at amazon and represents their feelings towards the players.

“Hey guys, lets have an event that makes them wait like they are for stuff they actually want and then, get this!!! We’ll 2 shot them with a boss and confuse the sht out of them like our forum posts, business decisions and hype marketing”

Boardroom erupts with cheers, high fives, someone let out a little squeal and i think big dave is doing a dance… I does feel like Amazon is purposely taking the piss now, how else can you explain the choices man. Theres no logic.


Lmao, indeed this “Summer Event” is kind of confirmation that they are willing to feed us with nothing but leftovers.


Gotta be very sad. Having all this money but not knowing how to use it. While a group of 10 ppl make a prefect game and sell it for 2 dollars. These guys here have all the budget they want. Have a game that already got an extremely good reputation. capable of doubling their budget but still refuse to do anything right.


its over bro. the game is dead. smilegate doesnt give 2 shits what you post on some foreign message board. the chump whales here just funded their korean version while they milked this one to its inevitable death. As for amazon, its a slave factory that threw the word ‘games’ on one of their sweatshops and hoped it would all work out magically despite having 0 understanding of how games work. clearly it did not work out for them and they should just quit now


is the game really dying though? Its literally published by the most data centered company in the world, they surely keep an eye on their revenue and are ready to act if that starts going badly.

I can only assume that they are still getting good money despite everything, and these events/rewards/skins are affordable right now.

I don’t know how many people are unhappy with the current patches and events, but you guys really should stop spending money if you really want your voice to be heard.

Que doesn’t lie.
800k - 60% bots(assuming) = 320k

Current players peak after a huge patch = 130k???

I bet some people were like me, logged in cleared vykas,valtan and checked out the new event and said eh, hi netflix

Unless 80% were bots? Which is unlikely.

Can’t wait for riot games to release their mmo. I heard char customization will be big too.



Yup, I know I stopped grinding. Just doing Valtan and Argos and most likely will quit soon. I’m sick of being treated like a second class citizen in a game, being drip feed skins and events.

There was a dev that spoke out if you didn’t notice. Amazon doesn’t care about game longevities. Every decision is being made by statistics and monetization.


Yeah i read it, but despite being very disheartening, doesn’t go much beyond your average customer service line.

Which comes back to my point, those two driving aspects are probably doing well.

Spoke out where? Is it in Korean?

It was german i think? Some community moderator made a long post about how dogshit it is to work, and got promptly suspended. Lemme try to dig the pic for ya


CM probably mains a paladin cause only a paladin can be that chad.

It’s on a hard decline though. Look at the player base numbers. All these negative reviews will impact it soon or later.


I very much hope its the case. Maybe its because i’m getting old but a small community in a game trying to make it better to keep those people around, is usually much better than a massive game full of doormats accepting everything devs do.


I mean, they kinda listened to the community and gave us the 1460 stronghold research.

At the same time they also gave us probably the worst event in Lost Ark history (or at least the worst possible summer event for sure). Getting real second class citizen vibes with this one.

Dunno about the majority, but I sure am.

Not surprised to see that AGS has a similar work environment to Amazon. The turnover rate at Amazon is apparently so high they are running out of people to hire for their warehouse jobs. I guess AGS is aiming for the same.

The insane amount of bots hid the continues decline of players pretty well. And tbh, i am also on the verge of quitting. But thats mostly because i realized that the game starts to feel like wow with endless wiping and needing to find static groups. I am just over that. Besides that, the game doesnt have anything to offer.

I agree they need to be more in touch but acting as if 150-200k CC players is bad is delusional.

Some of you doomers don’t understand that CC is like 600k+ players logging in daily. That’s a ton for an MMO. Bots are getting destroyed (finally) and real numbers are showing.

With that said they 100% need to communicate better and this summer event is trash.