To AGS / SG management: Can you finally start listening to the community?

Im not saying that 150k concurrent players is bad but compared to release that’s ~90% decline in just a few months.

Again, this is now. What will happen in a month, two months?

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That’s a pretty damning picture he painted, albeit not a surprising one. It’s clear looking at both, New World and Lost Ark, from the sidelines that there’s no passion, it’s all about satisfying their corporate suits.

There was a good article on Bloomberg from a couple years ago, which explains the AGS situation very well. Even though from what I’ve heard Frazzini has left I really doubt the company culture has changed much, it just doesn’t happen in such giants as Amazon. Lost Ark is “doomed” just like New World was mainly because of this complete lack of understanding what makes games fun. It’s all about numbers and statistics, which has almost nothing to do with game’s longevity.


Bezos views games as yet another way to sell subscriptions to Prime and hook customers on its other offerings, including television shows and movies.

That would explain many things.

it’s too late.

I agree there are problems but acting as if games don’t blow up now a days only to decline to the correct population after a few months is not normal is dumb.

This game was never going to hold the launch numbers and 150 CC is more than healthy.

I’m not saying they haven’t screwed up or can’t do better but the idiots comparing to new world are just that, idiots.

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But thats the same as me buying all these games abd playing only for couple of hrs and quitting. Its right for some and aint for others. Thats how it is for mmos and because it is a mmo less people put the effort in.

Tbh ive got nothing to complain about with the game. Sure the bot queue was a mess but F2P and at 1470, im doing all content and pretty happy. Im just glad I dont have to grind all 6 of my characters now and can play casually as this was taking a lot of time.

I get this odd feeling of Nero burning down Rome from AGS and/or SG with us.

Oh you want no Yoz Jar? Ok deal, no legendary skins for you.

Ah Stronghold Research even if all region did have it during this patch timelines? Shitty Summer event for you.

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I have trouble with this concept. They had over a million players playing this game at launch and they didn’t drop the best skins they had to capitalize on it. I think it was one of the biggest blunders a game company has ever made. They passed on huge sales potential. Unless, I’m missing something, which is very possible.

I think they are just lazy.
4 months to resolve the bots problems.
1 week to revolve the south Vern dungeon problem.

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You do realize we’re finally seeing the real player count since all the bots are gone right?

I do realize that and that wasn’t the point, on launch there were no bots and 1.3 mil players, now we are down to 140k.

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It was always going to be that way. MMO’s always see a sharp decline after launch and then settle at a steady player count, especially for F2P games.


You do realise that “concurrent” is not “actual”? This is just "how many people are only RIGHT NOW and this is not NA/EU MMO for “I play it till I break down”. it is MEANT to be played mostly a counted number of hours daily. So 120k while every player is only meant to be online for 2-5 hours is more than enough.


Where on this topic did i mention or talk about “actual” players? If there’s 90% less people playing on prime hours that’s a decline no matter how you put it.

Sure you may argue that at launch you were putting in more hours than now, but hey it’s a Vykas release (“big content update”).

The game is awesome. It’d be good if people stopped comparing it to the KR version, the only questionable decision regarding classes in my opinion was with Summoner, I’m ok with the current pace if they released them in the same order as it was in Korea, people there didn’t have these characters for the current content and they had to wait much more than us before switching mains.

As for skins, it’s pure marketing, they won’t release the best skins before they get decent sales for the average/niche skins, that’s the truth =/

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They actually had 2 more classes than we do at this point but yeah… go on.

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They’ll listen when it’s convenient and advantageous to throw the community under the bus later for listening. Yay…


I’d say this game could of easily had the markings of being able to compete with FF14 and WoW had they not decided they wanted to double down on whatever “Business Intelligence” they think they have.

As is, they’re in a rough spot if they think anyone will trust AGS with anything going forward. People who have left; are unlikely to return - and certainly won’t if their class of choice is one of the last to be released.

From what I could get regarding class releases, not sure about the credibility of the source since these are posts from people discussing this on reddit mainly

Somewhere before or early 2020
Assassins, Destroyer, Glaivier and Paladin

Scouter Jun-Jul-2020
Reaper Sep-2020
Gunslinger Jan-2021
Striker Mar-2021
Sorceress Aug-2021
Artist ???

As for the release of Legion Raids

Valtan KR - 01/13/21
Vykas KR - 02/24/21

Indeed, you’re right, I’ll comment this just because someone who wasn’t sure about this like me might find this useful xD

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think it like this; they are trying to be faithful to the original release by giving us the misserable experience of the pre season 2 KR shitshow while having a mismatch of season 1 and 2 content in the west, they are going the extra mile to make the game shitty while releasing the “hype” content…truly faithful to the spirit of the original release…

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