To AGS, Smilegate, and the CMs

I would just like to say thank you for the hard work and making this game great. Is there some issues with the game? Yeah, there’s some problems. But nothing near the level of crying and complaining that you guys have to deal with on a daily basis. I can not imagine how hard it is to try and keep a community happy that is as toxic and entitled as this one is.

Please know that the maybe 2% of the entire games community that are in this forum, are the loud minority, and not everyone is crying and complaining. Keep up the good work, and have a nice day!!!

Sincerely, a satisfied customer. :heart: :grinning:


Flagged as a stockholm syndrome spam.


@Tancren thank you for proving my point. Have a nice day!!! :grinning:

I mean you’re not wrong tho.

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I also promised my son to go to Disneyland in the middle of next month. Let’s see how he reacts if I put it off with no communication until the last day of the month.

Luckily if he complains I can refer him to your post and tell him not to cry so much. After all, I’m working hard to make it even possible for us to get there.

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So you’re comparing the crying and complaining people in this forum to little kids that don’t yet understand patience? Thank you for proving my point. Have a nice day!!! :grinning:


you need some help?

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No. I’m good. thanks for asking!!!

“Aiming for mid month” =/= “promise for mid month”

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