To all my fellow players

Hello all,

I don’t usually post anything online, but I felt I wanted to voice my concerns in the hopes that someone somewhere feels the same.

I, like many before me, bought a founders pack, the bronze one initially because I wanted a head start and I knew having played the Russian server for a few hours that this game would be good. It is good, so good in fact, that I bought the gold pack right after playing a few more hours on the new EU release. That was around the 8/02/2022, which happens to be the last time I played properly. Since then, I would say over the last 6 days, I have played a total of 2 hours?

Now, I see a lot of negativity around queue times, and rightfully so. The thing is though, this is something to be expected with any new hyped up game, it will always happen. Many of you including myself want to jump on (especially because its the weekend) and play something we enjoy, and when we can not, we voice our frustration as normal. But you need to take a step back and understand what is happening now IS normal, because no business wants to over prepare and be left with huge bills if they get it wrong. Yes they have data on how many purchased the founders pack but the truth is we are not experts in server management and hosting or what costs are associated with what.

And don’t get me wrong, Smilegate/Amazon are a business and they absolutely do not want this negativity, that is future potential revenue they might miss out on. Here is a simple rule, if x will cost company y, then they will do what they can to correct it, because no business wants to loose future potentially revenue due to bad publicity.

The strongest cases for people to complain are the ones who paid real money for the head start, these people were promised 3 days of gameplay amongst other things that they can not access, effectively not upholding their end of the contract, and queuing problems as the issues started then, and you can argue many valid points on why they did not seem ready, but alas, these things do happen.

What is important however is how they deal with this when the dust settles, because that is where this is going to either fix or break them. There is no doubt in my mind that they will offer compensation of some sort, they already have in the founders pack fiasco except I do not believe this goes far enough, so here are some of what I expect to happen once this is all ‘fixed’

  • Founders pack holders should be able to claim another on a new server should they wish to move and start again, this has been already addressed, but not fully as I do not believe all the chest perks get moved (correct me if I am wrong). Not sure why this is not a thing, if I paid for the whole pack, I expect it all as well. Anyone who wishes to stay on the server they are on in my opinion should not receive this extra pack, why would they if they have been given the option to move their character for free (see below) or they can start fresh with a new pack?

  • Anyone who does not want to move because they don’t want to start again new on another server should be given a one time server transfer for free (when they implement this in the future)

  • 30 day crystalline aura buff for free for every early adopter

  • It would be very smart to implement a language tag for servers before any of the above is done, take a sample of the population currently occupying the server and decide accordingly. Contrary to popular belief, the masses like to be told what to do.

The above should be enough, they do not owe you more than what you paid, and certainly do not owe any of the f2p crowd anything, apart from an apology witch should be nice.

The community managers on this forum @Roxx and others have been doing a wonderful job, but they are in the same boat and I feel for them, they would rather be answering fun forum topics then fire fighting a bad impression.

Long rant over, this is not the real test, but what they do after will be, I hope it works because this game looks great and I wish it all the best in the future. I say this while being 16K in queue on Zinnervale.

Later :slight_smile:

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