To All Those "Quitting"

As another stated on another thread, “This isn’t an airport, you don’t need to announce your departure.”

10 posts below this all stating why or how someone quit. Newsflash, no one cares. Not even AGS.


Newsflash: this is the feedback forum.

If something in the game bugs you enough that you stop playing the game, it’s appropriate to give feedback on what that is.

If you don’t like seeing feedback, leave the feedback forum.


Yeah, makes a lot of sense, especially few threads below when someone is announcing that they are quitting because they don’t know argos mechanic, or that someone has bad connection, sure. Also there were few dumb threads that people are demanding compensation because of patch size and their 2000’s ADSL connection and that they are quitting because of weekly maintenance. Take that feedback with your opinions and throw them into the garbage XD

There is pretty much no reliable feedback on this forum. And if there is, then you have to dig for it pretty hard

Bad take lol. discovering pain points and how they are handled is what makes or breaks live games


Not true sir…
I gave some feedback before such as bots problem + server queue in Valtan server and it resulted in no server after mass bot ban and other botters preventative solution from AGS.
I also gave feedback wanting Punika support pack back, while we don’t get full X3 packages like before at least one of them return with a lot of freebies.
Not all of the feedbacks are taken seriously by AGS (i am talking about that swim suit skins) but at least they listened to our feedback to some extents

So what? You have given your opinion about stuff that matters to you in game, and in between your and next valuable opinion/feedback there are hundreds of posts/threads that are bringing nothing more to the table than examples I just wrote about.

I am not saying that there’s completely no value in the forum, but majority of issues that “community” is pointing out are completely irrelevant or simply are out of touch/coming from point where posting people are making an issue out of their ignorance.

Good feedback is most definitely welcome.

Most of these ‘quit’ posts however don’t provide much feedback.


My dude, if you say you don’t care. Why did you make a post about posts that you, allegedly, say you don’t care. Quitting posts without proper reasons as they quit are useless, that is true and no one should care. But most of the posts I saw, if not all of them, provided reasonable reasons why they stopped playing the game. This can or cannot help the game improve, who knows, depends on the devs. At least, in my opinion, feedback posts are still better than “just quit” or “deal with it” shenanigans.

Also, just because they “quitted” the game doesn’t mean they are not allowed to be involve in forums or twitter. Maybe they were hoping that what got them to stop playing improved and now they could get back into it. But who knows, maybe they are just here to complain because people like playing the game that they hate and don’t share the same opinions that they have.


You should care if you are still playing and enjoying the game. If you keep telling the people that leave that you don’t care then next thing you know you are playing on a dead server. Way to help kill the game you enjoy. :roll_eyes:



People that quit and leave feedback is a good indicator of underlying issues of the game. If they game was not so piss poorly managed, you would not be seeing a lot of these per day in the Feedback forum.

They are leaving feedback, AGS sees it, but lets be real, AGS does not give a fuck as long as people are swiping.


Why care much about people that you say are not relevant? :clown_face::man_facepalming::sweat_smile:

You even created a post for it :man_facepalming:

Sure he shouldn’t have said he doesn’t care about people’s quitting threads.
Ummm but you shouldn’t have said… literally any of this. Cuz now you kinda seem like the bigger asshole, which completely negates any sort of “friendly feedback” you would have given before hand. Good job ruining yer own argument / feelings about the game. :+1:

It’s a forum, not an airport, no need to announce your departure.

If it’s, “I’m thinking of quitting, here’s why. Does anyone have thoughts?” Is a different story.

You’re just triggered by people saying they’re quitting the game, because you’re overly invested in the game, so you see criticism of it as an attack on yourself. Same with OP.

I just went through and looked at every quitting thread in the last two weeks (there actually aren’t that many, OP probably just seeing the same ones getting bumped) and they all have a clear explanation of the negative experience(s) that made them quit.


When I deleted my Uber Eats account and they asked me why I was deleting it in the questionnaire, I guess I should have put other: “This isn’t an airport, I don’t need to announce my departure.” - That would have been invaluable feedback for them to pass on to their departments.


If someone wants to leave their feedback before they leave the game, they are free to do that. It should be no concern of yours.

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Okay, so posts about quitting aren’t great feedback. WTF is this post? Great feedback? Its someone complaining about others complaining. The irony is dense.


That is your opinion and you’re welcome to it, just as they are welcome to theirs.

Something you class as irrelevant or out of touch, I might class as extremely relevant. It isn’t your job to judge the validity or the relevance of another person’s claim, that’s something AGS should be doing, not you.

You are free to explain why you believe they are wrong etc but to say their feedback is irrelevant and out of touch is subjective to you. To them it was extremely relevant, else they wouldn’t of wasted precious time posting about it.

Your time is extremely important and I look forward to further correspondence, eagarly awaiting your valuable reply, thanking you deeply for blessing me with your time.


Newsflash, you are the one that doesn’t care and that’s your opinion and that’s all there is to it.
True censorship is telling others what they should or shouldn’t say.

Also, the forums will get worse and worse because feedback isn’t taken seriously so that’s what you get when you never listen to your playerbase: low-quality feedback. And in truth, it’s better for everyone to do something else with their time than hope that their feedback is taken into account.