To All Those "Quitting"

newsflash no one cares about your opinion on people who make quitting posts.

I didn’t make a quit post , but I quitted several days ago …
the reason is , I quitted smoking and I was smoking a lot while playing Lost Ark , like 3 packs a day , so I also quitted LA … I was spending 2 much time and money on the game and also on cigarettes .
It’s been almost a month now so … that’s my reason for quitting …

“If you don’t like the game - just quit”


Assuming my motive for posting is fairly asinine. I really don’t care if some people quit as it happens in every game, especially as summer comes around and given the current landscape of mediocre game releases and pushback release dates recently.

I just see no point in not adding value and just looking like an entitle rage monster on forums… such as the mass people posting “I’m quitting because i have trouble honing”, or “I’m quitting because I didn’t get a compensation reward”. It’s pathetic and makes them look like a child.

So no, I don’t white knight for any game, and if you look at any of my other posts on the feedback portion you’ll see that I’m very critical of aspects of the game… I’m just not a rage quitting whiner that didn’t get their way in this entitled world that the west is currently living in.

I’m hyper critical of any game that has potential, and this game is no exception. So far I’ve seen two suggestions I’ve made get implemented… they have a long way to go, but they have only been out in the west for a few months.

If we gave the same level of criticism on release today compared to previous decades, the gaming industry would have crumbled years ago. I just happen to be more patient than most.

It’s still legitimate feedback whatever you think of it.

If you don’t like seeing it, go somewhere else.

Likewise, yet here you sit scrutinizing my feedback… ironic.

okay this is fair too and made me laugh lol

That phrase has been repeated in this forum since the game was released, it has been said more times that people have left the game.

Sincerely, someone who left the game in May.

To be specific, this is the “Game Feedback” forum. Complaining about people providing a specific type of game feedback you don’t like seeing is not game feedback.