To all those that defend current honing is fine game is fine

Before I start, just wanna say I finally hit 1350+ today with 100 fail achievement . And I have no plan on honing further as my main. Until they buff honing chance . I ain’t stupid enough to drain all my gold and silver going for 1370. And no I ain’t going to swipe…

For the purpose of this post, I want to ask all of you that defend the current honing chance is perfectly fine and, that everyone who comment against it should just “quit” or “swipe” …

You guys enjoy the sensation of failure ??
Or in other word, You love to “fail” ??? Do you get a kick out of seeing your honing fail ? your mats burned, your gold/silver burned ? you really enjoy that ?

What I truly “Fail” to understand is how is this healthy for the game ?


Other games destroy gear on failure, this doesn’t. Its infinitely better.


umm by your logic, you are comparing worst to worse > that make this better ? lol
Edit — this game also destroy gear, when you transfer tri-pod if it fails, your gear is destroyed . I guess you are not at T3 yet are you ?


How is this honing system bad? It has pity, it’s just as RNG as any other MMO and it’s pretty fun to do.

Maybe you’re just not into MMOs.


Most of the people who are defending this are just whales. Because they invested so much money into the game to reach 1370, their money will be thrown down the drain if AGS decides to buff the honing rates.


WoW player since vanilla, over 12 years… sure I am not in MMO ? I have a pretty solid idea what good element an MMO have and what is bad about it. Nothing is perfect


I think so too…

Smilegate’s director, Gold river is a huge liar. He said during the twitch interview, when answering p2w question that they dont lock content out and if you play the game normally you can access everything.

This is a massive lie. 1340 to 1370 has basically no content. Takes insane amount of grind and atleast a month or more unless you swipe or play 18hrs a day to farm gold for blue crystals but maris shop has limits and swiping can get u more mats from AH than playing the game for 18hrs a day.

Am 1370 and I feel like theres still not enough content. They need to bring in abyss trials and heroic guardian raiids asap.


You can in other regions so technically he wasn’t lying

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I don’t think honing rates need to be buffed and I’m not a whale. I think they should add content that makes honing attempts a lot more of a regular thing instead of the 2-3 attempts you get per day after drying up the weekly vendors. Daily material buffs > Weekly material buffs.

Also whales don’t care. They already spent a fortune on dated gear that does nothing when relic jewelry/stones are a thing in a ~month. The only worthwhile investment for a whale at this point in the game is gold or other permanent upgrades like engravings/gems/cards, not gear.

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I agree with this ONLY if they can compensate us as well on the currency department. Not just mats… You will know what I mean if you are in T3…

The amount of failures attached to honing is not only stressing your mats, but also your gold / silver at a insane rate. Give us more accessible content to “Earn” gold and silver aside from 3 dailies and the small amount you get from doing chaos .

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is this your first korean MMO?


No, I just mentioned above play WoW for 12 years… WoW is not perfect, And I am not comparing to WoW…

So , No this is not my first MMO

The system is terrible, but there are other systems in other games that are more terrible.

LOL, this is not the rock solid logic you think it is.


exactly right ? lol . Comparing terrible to worse does not make the worse better

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A lot of korean mmos fail in the west, very few actually last long enough for me to want to invest money into, at least for me. I’ve been playing mmos for over 27 year, from many developers/publishers and so forth.


well…they could increase the honing mats among 20X and give you a 100%…
and remove all the gambling part of game and make it as a grinding hell…

would feel much better

There is def a balance that should be considered between being grindy and also RNG. I think RNG is a core component in any MMO and it should exist. However, it needs to be implemented correctly for it to not feel like a chore , burn people out or simply just flawed…

I don’t mind dailies, weekly, those are fun. But when we talk about honing, which is one of the core aspect of this game, lots of people get triggered when other ask for honing improvement.
Which begs me to ask this question in my original post

Then it’s a mentality issue, not the game. If they increase the material cost by the amount you require to pity it anyways… it’s effectively worst because you would be ‘pitying’ your gear each time under the guise of 100% honing rate.