To all wardancers players who feel bad

With a 1345 wardancer here.
You will suffer A LOT in T1 and T2 and even early T3
She just do so little damage that it is a joke
All those people saying “get a better build” or “get engraving dude” simply not constructive at all.
I have even tried max Master of Ambush+Grudge for damage but still not working.
She is simply THE WORST class until mid T3
Yes, she is somewhat tanky without grudge, but a 1302 wardancer will easily get outdamaged by a 1000 berzerker/sorceress, that is pathetic.
And stop with those “You got buffs for others” bullshit, I picked a cool dps class, not a bard
They say energy combustion is insane damage over time, but the truth is, how long can you stay next to the boss in abyssal dungeons?
If you really like the class, just like I do, keep going
You need to reach at least 1340 with almost full tripod from gears, PURPLE accessory at least for all swiftness and more than 312 skill points to make this class work.
I feel nice once I reach this threshold and did quite well in 1340 abyssal dungeon, dealing 34% damage and very flexible in dodging and bursting damage.


Battlemaster is notorious for having really subpar base performance, but you guys will be in for a treat once they release the relic sets. Hang in there.


She is truly a shame early game.
I am playing zerker and sorceress as alts, and guess what, 580 sorceress literally do more damage than 960+ wardancer I had a while ago AND the sorceress don’t even have optimal engravings/accessory.

Eh… I wouldn’t blow things out of proportion like that as that is simply untrue unless BM had no idea how to play the class or had really bad gear settings.

I do, however, recall playing with my friend helping me clear guardian faster on my sorc alt, and he had 580 GS while my alt was 440. We ended up doing 54% vs 46% in dmg despite the fact that he is a veteran player and played the char perfectly. That really shouldn’t be happening, even if she does bring amazing set of party buffs.

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I admit that sorceress need good timing or slow bosses to fully show her potential.
But the damage of wardancer is so off, although I might be a bit exaggerating
I am playing a reflux sorceress, and her meteor thing easily do like 300k without much debuff going, while wardancer at 960 cannot, her sweeping kick will do like 400k IF critting and with full buff.
I am comparing two skills here because both of these two skills are really slow.
In addition, meteor is only one of her many high damage skills, while sweeping kick is one of TWO “high” damage skills
And guardians are slightly better for wardancer, they are big and relatively slow when compared to abyssal, which is a nice thing for wardancer’s small aoe

Yeah I know exactly what you mean. It’s like taking one of the worst base dps class and the very best base dps class and comparing them.

Like I mentioned earlier, my 440 sorc did 46% dmg when my buddy with 580 BM was “bussing” me on guardian. That simply wouldn’t happen with any other classes, as performance difference between 580 and 440 is night and day.

Problem is, they cannot improve base kit of BM because the class mechanics combined with certain item sets in T3 is way too powerful, yet if they nerfed the item set, it becomes utterly trash.

In terms of balance wise, BM is in a really weird place in KR.

Never had any issue in T1/T2 so far running wardancer with an esoteric build tbh. I don’t even have tryhard engravings on her, just adrenaline 3 for a budget build.

energy combustion is ok, but for esoteric its more of a gauge tool than any damage really. The big skills are the tornado and the punch the ground for volcano thing. They hit hard, so a swiftness oriented build works wonders because you spam the big hitters off cd.

Wardancer is also like zerker in a way, you have to prime your damage skills with your self buffs, otherwise the raw damage is not that high. She has ample access to self buffs though, you might just need more skill points. Bleed is also a good option, since she is a natural high tempo class with low commitment, managing bleed uptime alongside other things is not hard.

I just pushed an alt for wardancer cause she looked cool.

I agree her dmg on t1 feels on the low side but Im loving the options to counter she has. The skills are actually awesome to look at and that’s probably part of her charm.

I’m probably pushing her to t2 since I was innocent regarding guides and leveled my sorcerer up by doing dailies lmao although I wanna try more classes first

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If it makes you guys feel better Scrapper is in the same boat. We just have some stagger damage instead a big team damage buff

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what? scrapper dmg also sux that much like wd? wtf with martial arts, why they are so fucking bad untill late end game, i dont get it, same shit with striker and soul fist

This class (MARTIAL ARTIST) is about 1k and it is quite pathetic to see my 5x 500 GS alts dish our more burst, aoe and damage over all. Ive compared clear times…

I just want to give up. It is like the old WOW where WD/SCR etc is the ret paladin while SORC/ZERK is the rogue…

It is absolutely sad to see a class only shine in absolute endgame content, honestly, all classes should shine early game AND in endgame.

I have seen the popularity chart of class and the conclusion is, a player telling another that they are fine with the correct build is like a player in WoW telling a RETRIBUTION paladin how to dps. There is a reason why some classes are 25 times more played. It is because they work without people having to spend hours on builds, stats and videos.

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Yep, I’ve had this discussion in my scrapper thread lol. I’m 3 days into T3 and here is what’s funny about martial artists being good in end game… Currently there is almost nothing to do in end game except for farm chaos dungeons in our version of the game lol.

So essentially you feel like shit throughout pretty much your whole experience and then if you make it to those high iLvls where you’re supposed to be balanced and there is nothing to do so you won’t be doing anything on that balanced character but dailies

I mean it’s not like you will feel balanced in T3. T3 will feel like trash too. It’s not till later T3 when you have your engravings fully completed that you will feel on par with people supposedly

In my 300 hours plus of scrapper I still havent ever gotten mvp

I stick with Scrapper cause I like it’s play style but there is a reason all martial artist classes (except Striker) are usually in contention for least played classes.

Everyone wants the wardancer buff. No one wants to play it though lol

The original post in this thread is EXACTLY how I feel on Scrapper. I’m currently 1324 with some skill potions still to get and I still can’t score higher than Fighter in my best games. It’s still common for MVPs in my games to score 40%+ of the damage.

And yet in the KR version, seems like Wardancers are the second most desired in parties. Korean streamer did a poll that got almost 18,000 responses. Straight “pew pew DEEPS” isn’t everything.

Hold up. Are you the one that started that thread? The one where all of the scrappers are sucking our collective selves off about how good the class is if you play it right?

Idk about endgame wardancer cus i dont play it or notice anything off but from what OP said scrapper nowhere near this bad. As ive said on the “scrapper dmg is trash” thread i usually hit like a 5-15% dmg differential over the party. Dw @Arothe shock scrapper PUMPS at the very least. Especially if you get a bunch of spec/crit. Some of my abilities deal about 90% as my ult if i crit enough times.

OP, are you playing a dps or burst focused build? Apparently dps builds become extremely hard to maintain in T3, thats why most meta builds i see are burst focused from my understanding and Wardancer seems to me to be a very dps focused subclass.

nerf item set, buff class. It’s not rocket science, it would even out the performance across tiers.


If they nerf item set just because of single anomaly, that just makes already underused item set useless. Not sure if thats a sensible decision

Not if they don’t nerf it into oblivion. It’s possible to nerf an item set and buff a class such that the item set performs the same while raising the rest of the class’ performance.

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I think you are missing the point. The item set alone is not overpowered and while under used, it is still used by other classes.

Problem is the weird synergy the set bonus creates with Battlemaster that makes her extremely strong.

If you nerf the item set, that acfects all other classes using the item set, and the item set itself, once again, is not overpowered. To balance items that is shared by many just because one class utilizes it too well doesnt seem like a sensible approach.

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So what im wondering is, is this for both class engraving builds where the class feels bad or just one? If its both then it probably needs some kind of early game rework.

In KR they are changing a lot of dead tripods. Could this be effective in improving the class’s early dmg when we get these?