To AWS: How to do proper nerfs

- Problem 1 -
A lot of the comments about the nerfs of content (and censorship for that matter) is about sharing an experience. To relate to our korean brothers and sisters. To experience the same things. There is definitely a lot of people who are afraid of a slippery slope to dumbing down the content into oblivion as well, but I believe both those groups would be fairly similar in what is found acceptable.

- Problem 2 -
I can also see the other side. There is a story and certain content that needs to be cleared to reach a baseline to access all the horizontal content, which is where the carebears should be able to land. I’m personally not sure exactly where this baseline is, but with all the talk of t3 being the starting line, I get the impression that is that point.

- Dilemma -
No matter which side is catered to, the other side will have problems and possibly even drop from the game. Saying casuals will drop unless the game gets easier rings empty if the same reasoning isn’t applied to the more invested players who can drop if the game gets dumbed down relative the game they want to experience.

- Solution -
To solve this and make everyone happy I believe the only proper way is to add a difficulty below the current one. That way the content is unchanged, the experience is unchanged, but there is also an easier version for those who just want a fast/easier clear for quick farms or initial clears, with somewhat sacrificed rewards. I.E. more rewards per battle vs more rewards per minute.

Do not remove content, do not change content. Add options if needed.

An in those four words lies a whole hornet’s nest of problems.

No solution will ever make everyone happy.

Nerf now = complain later that it’s too easy
Buff now = complain later that it’s too hard
Sacrifice rewards after adding easier difficulty = these devs don’t care about me and give me crap loot because i’m not super elite

The list goes on and on.

Sounds dumb. Try again

They’re not going anywhere where they gonna go? Back to WoW/PoE/Diablo LOL those games are just as easy! They’re not going nowhere that’s why Amazon is making these changes. And if they go back to KR/war-monger Russia SG is still smiling.

AGS/SG is essentially saying sit down and shut the f* up** cause they know that’s exactly what those players are going to do!

What I’m thinking is a simple (hard) higher reward per battle vs (adjusted) higher reward per minute. Thus both challenge players and alt farm+softcore players can have something.

I think you are inventing the last problem, although I could see amazon tweak the rewards to make it reality.

They can actually do what we have for some flashpoints in SWTOR. (1) Story Mode-solo (2) Veteran-(need a group for most but not extremely hard or (3) Hard Mode-You need a group and know how to play your character and have xx gear rating. So before they can do hard mode they would or should do the story mode and learn their interrupts, etc before advancing to the next stage.

Rewards are based on the stage you do but there are always upgrades/rewards for each stage.

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Honestly just add a training mode for dungeons. No durability damage and infinite consumables.

But guardian hp nerf is a welcome change, boring shit

I like the story mode one too. Some of the later abyss dungons have so long cutscenes they would do great with a solo experience.

How dumb one has to be to require training mode on bosses that have 1 mechanic for 4 people? You run once or twice, it is clear what needs to be done. If not, you google and get your answer. If people can learn to beat multi phase WoW bosses with multiple mechanics per phase, in 20 man group that needs to work together. 4 man groups against boss with 1 mechanics are pure joke.

apparently many people, your point is?