To be honest i don't like animal outfit we will get

I can’t think playing with someone look like a cat, near me, a big zerker looking like a chicken, its clearly something weird no ?

So what do you think about this ?

I would prefer get content and roadmap than this to be honest.


This is a free gift and you are complaining about not liking it xD


You aint gonna like me when i rock the mouse oitfit as a zerker then


i don’t complain about the gift itself my bro, i complain about the outfit, its something who kill the realism, a big warrior look like a chicken, are we in fornite or what ?

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I like them! Super cute. But look up a Korea site only a couple of them are dyeable if that matters to you.

this is what i call a giga chadd skin

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dude is just a skin, if you don’t like it then don’t use it. Stop complaing about everything. If you don’t like those skin, then you wont like the summer skins or the mokamoka skins


Yeah because me throwing out a wave of lava from my hands is realistic :roll_eyes:


Sweaty palms problem ?

You should come to terms with this bro
This is a korean MMO and they love gaudy shit like that
Soon enough you will see girls in sling bikinis beating the shit out of you in PVP


even if i don’t use them, i will chicken and cat around me, its killing the fun for lot of people, i am not alone trust me.

bikini is still ok bro, but chicken warrior is something weird.

Hope people get some honor to don’t wear this.

I’m usually against this type of degeneracy, but this game has me hooked on it. I’ll rock the damn colors and degen outfits as if I created them! :smiley:

You better start looking for another game then, cause on thursday the game is gonna bu full of them :stuck_out_tongue:


no i won’t look for another game, stop ask everyone to leave, when they are not agree with 1% of the game.

I’d like a big fluffy turtle with a sponge shell, but I’m more than happy to settle for one of the other skins. 5 of my chars have badass skins. One will have a cute skin


This kind of fun stuff is the whole point of playing a Korean MMO. I can’t wait for my pack, though I can’t decide whether to put it on my sorc or my pally.

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I’ll say this: If you are complaining about the lack the “realism” you must not have done your research about this game and the outfits we will get. Where as i respect your opinion, you should have seen this coming at some point.
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


A mascot outfit is where you draw the line in suspension of disbelief?