To be honest i don't like animal outfit we will get

I would like to have mokoko costumeeeeeeeeeeee why AGS didnt put it on the gifttttt feel sad hahaha

plus for me its so funny being a big boi with a costume like this being knocked a lot of times for boss


So because you don’t like those skins I cannot use it around you because it ruin your gameplay. Dude this is a korean server, and even if wasn’t korean, this kind of stuff is what ppl like, even if some like you don’t like it this stuff make money.

And that skin you mention is a legendary skin and is craftable, just is not yet available in our game version.

Un juego de fantasia donde tener skins de botarga del doctor simi no es “realista”, te equivocaste de juego mano

You realize you don’t have to use it, right?

Imagine sitting in a room thinking about posting this stuff in the forum.

I dont feel comfortable when ppl wear t-shirts in sommer. It makes me really really unconfy and it takes away my fun. OMEGALUL

Never say no to skins and mounts. Whether they are sexy, edgy, lacking reasonable amount of armor plating or just so out-of-place doesn’t belong to the Arkesia and universe. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now seeing the Mokoko Overall again, reminds me that TERA rabbit overall…

I gotta find that image.

“I don’t like the lack of realism of a animal skin. That we fight giant monsters, have swords as big as people, magic and other stuff is totally realistic though”

Even when speaking about the “realism in the game world”, which would more be immersion not realism, these game belong to the game as much as a Berserker Sword or a Scrapper Glove. This is what makes Lost Ark a KMMO as much as anything else in the game.


Here is a thought, don’t wear it if you don’t like it.

I swear you make these types of threads just to get reactions out of people.

pues no hombre solo doy mi opinion

I mean you don’t have to like it, but it’s free so it’s not like you have to like it. I don’t really like it either tbh if it’s tradable I’m just going to sit on it 6 months then sell it. Free gold for me.

The point of a lot of skins is you can express yourself. We don’t have any so it’s like saying the water in the dessert isn’t orange juice. Just take the water and let people that need it enjoy it.

That gives OP too much credit tbh.

yes but would you like to get a big warrior around you, look like a chicken ?

Then don’t wear it.
Problem solved.

Not everything in an MMO is supposed revolve around your perfect little world.

ok i am sorry everyone about this post, time to accept.


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That you assume that harmonium’s world is perfect is cute.
Why would he make a new, quite useless, bait and troll thread each day if his small little world would be perfect.

This seems to be a trend in MMOs lately, giving people “goofy”/“silly” skins/outfits/glams. Not gonna lie, not a huge fan of them, they kinda cringe. BUT it’s already too late. Whatever virus infected humanity to make this type of cosmetic a common occurrence is already far too saturated for us to fight it now. Unfortunately, this game already has gone down the path of goofy /ridiculous skins as one glimpse of the KR skins selection will confirm (theres like 30 different variations of bathing suits too lmao).

For those of us who prefer some cohesion to the visual aesthetic of the game, better enjoy it while it lasts, because it’s only getting worse from here. I don’t know who actually wants this, but they are the ones winning. Welcome our new cringey-animal suit overlords, because they are here to stay. Embrace the cringe.


if we are against, its us who got a problem, i got it now, time to give up.


This is the style of Korean mmorpgs. Maybe the game isn’t for you. I’m thrilled to be able to play as a penguin.

all the skin i can link to you, prove you wrong.