To be honest... Just give us full KR game

AGS and SG should just delete lost ark NA/EU and just release the full KR version for us. I don’t care about translation. Just give us everything KR has, even if it’s in Korean. Then the weekly updates can just be translations and stuff. Honestly think that might save game and maybe bring a few tens of thousands of players. Forget about p2w, forget about too much content or whatever. The people who wanna experience everything will take it slow and the ones who are semi-hardcore to hardcore players can just speed up. Whales will whale and even if we have +1600 iLevelp ppl while 99% of layer base is like 1400, it still won’t matter, because at least everyone will be happy.


I think AGS has the full game. It is all within the data base in the steam client. They are just not activated, or releasing It . It is being held back on purpose obviously.


People couldn’t handle an ARGOS update…their heads would explode if you gave them Legion raids.


It would be nice if they shut down servers for 2-3 days and then we come back to having everything. But that’s a far fetched dream.

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If you mean difficulty, yea, legion raid is hella difficult LOL… good luck to pugs

I don’t think so. Argos was released maliciously tbh. They could’ve hold it for the end of the month and backlash would’ve been less. It was also the fact that it came quite literally out of no where. But guess what. If it was in the game along with everything else from day one, no one would’ve complained. Because we weren’t complaining about velganos or yoho. They were in from day one.


So you think that Argos being released 2 weeks early was malicious, and yet you make a post asking them to release several months of content at the same time and don’t think that would be considered malicious?

Like I said above, people would explode with anger…“P2W, GG AMAZON, etc…” It would be even worse than it was during Argos lol

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I mean releaseing everything would mean we get all the missing progression content for the endgame gameplay loop. you seem to be dancing around that but :person_shrugging:

We would get the honing buffs/nerfs. The gold where missing and silver. The t3 guardians and abyss dungeons at the proper ilvls and not 1370 allowing people to progress through the deadzone properly.


You are looking for a “gotcha” right now. You know exactly what I mean. The fomo it created on players that were at the edge. The ones who felt forced to spend money to get that one last upgrade. None of that would’ve happened if we had full game from start, because one. We would’ve had punika passes, as well as honing rates, as well as all the content we were missing along with events.

But if you think otherwise. Then cool, it’s your opinion as wells as mine is just another opinion. Only difference will be told by time.


Oh sorry I misunderstood. But yea the fact that they released Argos all of a sudden which caught everyone by surprise and later, came and apologized just further confirmed people speculations that Argo was released for whales only.

It was a wrong move, wrong timing, no communications …

To be clear, I don’t like them delaying content. I wish they stuck with their original roadmap, because they tried to change the plan to slow things down, and now we are left with this mess…delayed patches and bad communication (because they are trying to change things last-minute).

They listened to the complainers and that was a mistake IMO.

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With people crying about p2w, getting the exact same game as KR would be devastating and create an ocean of tears.

will be a lot of voices for sure. But I also heard the Kr version LA is really good to their F2P player base. They got enough in game activities and enough mats / currency for F2P to work towards and gain , so to speak they are keeping up with the whales in Kr.

We don’t have that kind of thing going on here

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I agree. I just wish they had released everything at day 1. Nothing makes people happier than having a complete game. Yes some will complain, but not as much, maybe less than 1%. Because we would have all the skins, that gets rid of all the ppl complaint about skins and censoring. We’d have all classes, everyone has their main. We would have all content. Ppl are too busy having fun to even know about forums. All the QoL is in? The game would be so much better since it helps player experience to have a better game UI and such.


They arent able to keep up with whales which is why they gate content. It gives f2p gamers time to minimize the gap before the gates open back up.

Edit: they have more stuff for f2p but the same can be said for their monet spending audience. Also, most korean games in general usually are loaded with events, maybe because so many people still play at the pc방 or because it just became the norm.

You mean over here or in Korea ?

He means here. But the reason we aren’t able to keep up is due to lack of content, and lack of an economy. As well as lack of classes and skins which believe it or not it does makes ppl want to play more.


Oh yes, if here absolutely I agree. The Event thing is just a layer of suger added on to the cake LOL. People blow through the mats they get from buying the event shop empty in like 2 minutes LOL, provided they have the gold / silver to hone… it is pretty pathetic, and then it is another 6 days until you can get more…

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We’ll have lots of events…here is a random video showing the “Hyper Express” event that i’m sure we’ll get at some point:

I think they’ll always have some event running to help us along, that seems to be how the game goes in other regions.

It’s important to stagger content updates in order to preserve a sense of progression for players and prevent massive economic issues. Classes, I have no idea why those are delayed.

Allowing too large of a gap upon release creates the predatory feeling many had at the start because unlike other areas we got T3 from the start and also got Argos too early. You’d pretty much just be doing the same thing but on a larger scale by adding all content.

These “Catch up” events have also done damage to the economy as gold now has far too high of value with many players just dumping it into the black hole of honing due to boosted mats.
Bots are playing their part in hurting the economy also.

Argos was too early and with these catch up events Vertus is coming too late. shrugs