To "cheap" support or dps players - u get away with too much

I just wanted to point out a few things if u are playing a cheap support build - by this i mean u play on 2,3 or 4 Engravings and u are not even planning to have 5x3 as a support

Listen i understand items and books for suports cost ALOT ( yes i have 2 1490 Bards with 5x3 as alts ). If all u do is complain that u are not getting invited for raids because u have 2 jeweleries from Argos just because they have Desperate Salvation +3 both or Blseed Aura and u have 3 Relic accesories with Relic stone and that gave u 4 engravings in total because all you have is +9 books on class engraving - i know we all start somewere but mainly as a dps player ( 4 dps ) im not gonna invite 4x3 Bard or Paladin unless there is literally NOBODY in the que for 10 minutes.

I know i sound like a …but thats the reality its the same with dps literally the same situation

If ur alt has 1475 ilvl and u have 4x3 + 1 or 4x3 and u apply to a group for Clown- the sad reality is there is NO WAY a group with self respect especially 3 man premade on discord will invite you in. Listen i know u can be twice as good or 3 times as good as they in terms of mechanics and knowledge of the boss BUT people DONT SEE THAT in the group applications !!!
They see 1475 ilvl dude on item lvl with 4x3+1 or 4x3 that only has Mayhem Legion Commander title that means literally NOTHING :slight_smile: at this point.

I have 4 characters that are doing Clown ( 3 of those in a static ) BUT my one Bard that is 1490 has to PUG it. I start the group i am inviting only people at 1490 ( because i dont want people on ilvl when im myself 1490) ive seen MULTIPLE dps players with 4x3 4x3 +1 4x3 +2 and i did not invite them i only invited people that had 5x3 and had a good party synergy ( im sorry Berserkers and Sorcs but ur class is…in my opinion ). There is one exception for Sorc - if u do alot of damage u are actually usefull because thats the only thing u are good at. Bsererkers im sorry but i cant remember the last time i invited a Berserker to my group from public party finder.

The same situation applies to supports. Looking for supports for Vykas fast run or Valtan i dont want a pepega with 2,3,4 Engravings. I want a Bard with 5x3 with drops of Ether that knows when to use shields when to give dps buffs. I want a paladin that knows the same stuff.

AND lets be honest MOST support players HAVE NO IDEA when to use Dps buffs for the group - i bet u saw this many many times on Kungelanium when ur paladin pops aura when the turtle still has his shell up or he pops the aura when the frozen meteors are falling down because of a failed counter…
Or on Vykas the supports use dps buffs just after swords on G3 when there is literally 10 bars untill boobs typing and 10 seconds of the lvl 3 Bard buff goes to waste because she already started next mechanic
There are multiple situations like this on Valtan Vykas and Guardians

The same thing applies to Clown - There is a HUGE difference between a support that knows when to use his buffs for the party. The same applies to DPS of course.

I know its all RNG who u will get on the group finder and btw if someone has Inferno Valtan or Vykas title - i dont care at all u can buy this title with $…so no it doesnt matter for me if u have it or not


so you are declining sorc because “in your opinion” the class is bad.

I mean I agree with your point about cheap legendary accessory support, but I stopped read here. I don’t want to go in your party anyway, you don’t deserve me to carry you :wink:

Class gatekeeping is the most useless vector of gatekeeping you can apply tbh


Im sorry to say but i cant remember the last time Sorc carried my group anywere

You gonna be waiting for far more than 10m AND, if you reject a 4x3 support you gonna be left alone by other players. Have fun! xD


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3x3 is enough for everything in this entire game even in Korea will tell you the same thing stop thinking 5x3 is a big deal guy because I promise you it’s not.

Support wise.


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I know it is but 5x3 is better and faster considering how many raids we gotta do on 6 characters in a week

I created another support because its so stressful to find partys as dps… you wait like 1h for one support… and then on top you dont need 3x4 or 3x5 for Valtan Vykas HM… If you are DPS and your not 3X5 this days its hard for you to get into a party… So I can understand this support players because I do it by myself. My supports are also just alts and not mains.

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4x3 is enough for clown with proper skill level. I’m sorry but you’re complaining too much about trash players and you haven’t gotten good teammates is all I understood about this post you have written. 5x3 isn’t mandatory for supports atm and rightfully so as a support literally doesn’t need any engraving for it to be a support. It helps, sure, I’ll give you that. But I’d rather take a skilled 2x3 player than a maxed out 5x3 full lvl 10 gems no brains good for nothing player.


You might be picky but every 1 of you there’s about 99 other bums who need supports because they can’t figure out how to dodge mechanics and rather HURRDUUR DPS jUsT sHiElD mE/hEaL mE tHrOuGh tHe mEcHanIcS BrO


Almost everytime i have a good equipped sorc in my party they outdps everything else, dunno if some ppl dont know to double doomsday properly

And are your bards 5x3 with HA???

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Both bards are 5x3 correct and no im not using magick stream or max mp because the jewelery was cheap i have 5x3 meta engraves

learn to do it without supports

people relying on supports are people too cheap to use potions

SO TRUEEEEEEEEE . but can go 4x3 or 4x3x1 or4x3x2 also not as hard nor expensive

support gives u more damage then the other dps is doing im pretty sure about that if he knows when to click his abilities properly

I’m not asking about max MP or magic stream, I’m asking about HA. Are you running with HA and dropped VHP???

but what are you complaining about, almost everytime in euc we are waiting more then 10 minutes for support, my bard has expertise necklace(cause i dont have 60k for swift spec) got it for 2k, i got 4x3 , i have full yearning by now, m8 believe me i try to get good gear to them but support actually doesnt need more then expert awakening and class engrav, we have so little support they likely take you to clown with 2x3 +2, the truth is you cant even buy those engravs when you also build dps classes, im playing zerker and sorc and as zerker main i know that zerker alts dont know how to play, but good ones are better then bad ones, all zerkers are bad is a myth