To EUW players -

No actual argument or rebuttal? Just a ‘no u’ response, in essence? Ironic, to talk about someone else feeling ‘inadequate in life’.

I don’t care If 10-20 of you join EUC or not.

I’ve been a EUW Player and I always had this frustration and now that I left and actually really really started enjoying it again, I want to help people, that are unsure If they should change or not.

EUC is full enough - I will never see you Ingame and we will never play together - BUT - If you feel the frustration, then just let me tell you, that changing does help.

The Facts:

  • EuW feels Deadish (that’s why so many frustrated Players post about it)
  • Amazon did say, that EUW looks fine (on Data)
  • Amazon said, that Region Merges will not happen
  • Amazon MIGHT do something in the background, but there are not talking about it, which makes more and more Players leave
  • New Players get influenced to join EUC by Youtubers, Twitch Streamers, Friends
  • This all together leaves you pretty frustrated, because A: probably 1 out of 10 Players will start on EUW and B: Amazon isn’t giving you more Information about this, even though, this is pretty important. You basically loose everything.

You have to decide for yourself! Sometimes you gotta take shit into your own Hands.

Even the Bots are slowly but surely leaving EUW :confused:

This is from an older Thread, you might want to read.

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Also some German Stuff

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And another Post from Roxx

It makes sense if most of their players is in t2 still… Just seeing the pictures people post here of empty auction house makes me feel bad for EUW players.

But if what you posted from the German Amazon guy, is not actually correct, and this post just a way for amazon to spin a story and to tell people: “everything is alright, just keep playing”

Then things could be really bad over there, real soon.

It just seems weird that EUW would still be mostly t2, with all the catchup stuff they got and now with hyper express.

Please note that the “most Players are in T2” Post in 1 month old.

Ahh I see

I don’t think that’s true, on moonkeep groups did argos on release. Valtan normal will be the same, maybe not hard as i suspect we have fewer spenders in west as you say most of the whales/streamers are on EUC.

My guild on moonkeep is mostly between 1375 and 1400 atm, some a little higher. We will likely start normal valtan P1 a couple of weeks after release.

As said this was old info and i don’t think it was true then either (except the average pulled down by bots). On moonkeep, multiple channels do moake every hour every night it’s boss night. There’s plenty of end game players on EUW in general, it’s not as busy as EUC, but it’s hardly the way these posts suggest it is.

There’s a distinct group on these forums that for some reason have a chip on thier shoulders about EUW and have fron day 1 tried to do it down. When it’s been a perfectly good option for most people in that region and continues to be so far.

They stated, that they are monitoring population and will take steps, If things turn worse. They have to talk with Smilegate first, implement a way.

But they specifically said: Server - not Region

A Server Merge doesn’t fix the Problem imo

That’s why you have to decide it for yourself - Are you a Nolifer? Do you play a lot of alts? Do you want Players at Nights and mornings for Isles, T1-T2 Guardians? If that’s the case, you should switch.

If you are playing casually, you have a Guild - it really does not matter. At Prime Times theres usually decent amount of Players. Also probably most of them don’t have Alts that are 1370, that’s why you see less and less Argos Groups or Hardmodes over the week.

As I said: At the end of the day, decide which one of those Players you are and If you feel depressed - thats a good sign to change. You can double down on Amazon somehow fixing it.

I am out for now. I hope the official Information helps someone.

Have a beautiful day.

same things happen in Stonehearth. there are at least 2 channels doing moake (can’t confirm that people always kill moake at 1:00 AM lol. because there was 1 angry guy on this forum who was complaining that there is not enough players to kill moake at 1:00 AM)
I think that market is making a bit problem here, also keeping us away from some problems. what do I mean? I got blue crystals for 430 gold 2 hours ago on my server while my friend on EUC had to pay 600G. but he has access to better selection of accs thanks to the bigger market of AH. so nothing is pure black and white here.

bro, around 700 hours of active gameplay. Like how on earth would I ever want to start again? How can you even think that someone after all of this would want to start again? Do you live on earth? lol. i understand you are sorry for us but that’s just not a solution.
After having already started a 2nd time in the begenning due to a disastrous launch thanks to the incompetence of AGS. They made a mess, they will find a solution. We just wanted to play the game.

Merge is needed soon, but market is a big issue already. So they either will give us a transfer or simply make market and matchmaking across west and central europe. I won’t move an inch from where I am due to AGS failure.

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I like the game it’s fun but I’d rather quit than start over again.

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Oh, I didn’t know it was possible to have Grudge level 4 :rofl:

@Roxx save us please

Roxx has no informations yet.

As it states. They are monitoring the state of EuW (whatever that means) and will get something done with Smilegate, If nessassary.


they will post new Informations regarding this Topic.

I dont want to lose all my Twitch Drops like Pets and Mounts, Skins and everything.
If i can take with it, and they push my Main to his current level and ilvl. For Free
I consider moving.
Else i wait for a full Transfer, would pay a small fee for it, even i shouldnt have to because they caused the Problem. With small, i think around 5€ Max.
Lets see what comes first, EUW is dead and we quit, or there is a Transfer.

As i read that over and over.
“They said its impossible”
Well, Blizzard said, the Default Bag in WoW cant ever be changed (in size), because the 1x Years old Spaghetti Code. While ago they added 5 More Slots, you have to enable 2factor Auth for it, but still, in the end they could do it.
I believe they also said, Classic Servers are Impossible, to much Code is lost, and noone knows where they are.
Well Classic came, BC came, and Wotlk is next.

Its never impossible, its just more or less Work.
And i understand if they see no profit for the Work, they have no Reason to do it.
But im not sure if that would be the reason they are not working on it (but i believe they do), they do the Calculations right. Losing Players are Losing Money.
But as said, could even go with a Small fee, for Changing from dead region to Healthy Region.
And then if they have the Technology, they can even sell for a bigger Fee , Transfer from-to wherever one likes to, and make even more Money.

Would rather quit than to start new

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