To every Glaivier players, are you playing Control or Pinnacle?

Why do you prefer one over the other? Thinking of swapping to Pinnacle from Control.

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Pinnacle, but since I’m running it as a farming alt I might switch to Control once I happen to get a spec accessory for it. Pinnacle is better but the switching thing gets old fast when you want to just brainlessly farm, but I’d definitely stick to Pinnacle if I was maining the character

Pinnacle since the damage is just much better even though it’s a little clunky compared to control.

Even if you don’t consider the fact that control can’t get close to pinnacle damage, losing that extra counter and that nice shield is too much.

Control. It’s my alt, but I would’ve chosen Control even if it was my main, as I main Reflux Sorc.
I like quick and stylish gameplay and Reflux and Control with high swiftness build does just what I want.
They are also more forgiving to DPS loss due to crowd control, irregular boss movement, etc due to high attack speed, skill cast speed, and very low cooldown.

Currently i’m using Control. but i’m switching to Pinnacle because i enjoy that playstyle more since i played lance master in RU. also more damage!!!

If you Play controle its Just a boring ass class with medium DMG, pinnacle is at least somewhat fun

depend if you want to stick as back attack or no pinnacle is no positionning requierements and control need back attack

Pinnacle is more fun imo.

Pinnacle, it has a counter and im not enjoying specs that shut down other skills etc xD

Control, books 20k, accesories 20k and Ive got 5x3. Its also easier imo because you dont commit as much during red stance to skills with their 1-2 seconds charging time

Just a T2 alt but Pinnacle because I like the switching for bonuses mechanic. Keeps things fresh.

Lancemaster FotM is iver, no one plays lancemaster seriously.

Poor clowns these days. they must be losing their jobs where we have people doing it for free.