To Management - Give CM's today off please

I am beyond livid on behalf of my fellow players that got screwed by this pheon fiasco, and clearly I am not alone.

On a human note, the forums are full of hatred today and despite being myself a large contributor to the problem, I am concerned for the mental health of those tasked with dredging through the fallout of executive’s terrible decisions.

So, directly to whoever is the real bastard in the brass, you REMF - Give your people the day off and deal with this personally. Apologize and own up to your glaring oversight and let some battered and bruised vestige of peace return to this incompetent place.

Would love a day off work when i have to work too

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Back when I was starting in the banking system I was a personal manager for customers and getting extremely livid people through the phone or in person was a daily occurrence, and that’s part of my job description. All for stuff that I couldn’t really do much about.

The difference is, here, you can just not look or skim through posts without really going too deep into them. Back there, you had no way out. No one really gave us a day off when I was just a college intern at my bank in 2008.

Regardless, making such a statement that she did on the other thread is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen. An individual CM should not be the one communicating that but a less conspicuous account representing AGS as a whole, to avoid people locking onto Roxx.

They made their bed, they now need to lay in it. If this causes them pain, stress or mental issues maybe they should have the decency to resign.

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Honestly, I believe the CM’s are tough enough to handle us keyboard warriors, but more to my point I guess I really just want their higher ups to have to come in here and deal with it personally.

I want the leadership of AGS to suffer.

If you have to take verbal abuse on behalf of your company (e.g. cm, support hotline), you deserve a day off too.

So basically any customer service rep shouldnt work because of a few bad apples?

how do you equate having a day off with not working at all? lol

They have vacation days, this whole thread is pointless. If you dont want to talk to angry customers dont work in customer service

don’t worry, it’s their job to lie and take the heat, and they’ve been doing that for years. they don’t care, once they release the scripted statement, they log off and enjoy the rest of their day like nothing happened. they’re gonna be fine. criticism is not directed at cm but at the company. cms are no decision makers.

yeah, cause people always have the luxury to just not work in a certain field lol.

what is pointless is you commenting given this thread clearly offends your sensibilities.

“Sorry guys today might be a bit stressful so dont worry about coming in to work.”

people are so fucking fragile its astounding