To the gunlancers/sharpshooters/deadeyes/... : You don't suck

What a world of difference the class you play makes.

I’m not good by all means, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve been “stuck” at bronze for a while now playing as gunlancer.
I like the class, but I feel useless in PvP. I know they’re considered A-tier by the top players, but at my level they don’t feel good at all.

I finally caved in, and made an artillerist and deathblade. No hate on the class, but it’s INCREDIBLY easy to do well. I just rose 300 MMR after doing 2 practice runs on artillerist (without ever having played the class before).

So those of you that don’t play the meta classes and rise through the ranks: Mad respect.
For those who don’t play the meta classes and feel defeated. It’s not you.


Was in the same boat, used artillerist to climb. Then swapped back to Gunlancer once I got to a point where teammates played better. Gunlancer is an absolute unit when teammates know how to play around you.

I climbed to 2k pre +250 ish before deciding i wanna rank on something else. I just used charged stinger instead of counter lance and the dmg ult. 500k+ dmg games on gunlancer is a nice easy way to get out of low elo lol. Just 1 combo their team XD

The worst thing is that people flame you for playing something like sharpshooter. I was told my class pick is selfish and my class is useless before the match even started. Like i give a shit but these fuckers should get chat blocked or something.

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Meh only people at low elo gonna give u shit so its fine. Im like a 65% WR in ranked on my SS lol

Nah man i’m diamond with sharpshooter and people gave me shit too.

Nice job. Can’t wait to get to that level. I’m scared if I climb with art / db and switch to gunlancer at higher level, I won’t be able to follow though.

I heard about using charged stinger at lower elo. I’m one of those people that like to learn to play using the meta build right now though. But I might give it a go if I can’t progress this weekend.

That’s really terrible. Respect for playing the class, as it’s considered the worst for PvP. Just know that you’re worth more than your current rating playing something like that :D. It’s a small comfort, but yeah. Don’t listen to jerks that flame you for playing something else than the top 4 classes for once!

same with me i roll main gunslinger and i feel paper… i swap my main into berserk now is way way difrend i enjoy the game now !

I know right! I come from simmilar type of games like BLC and i consider myself very experienced player yet i got stuck in Platinum for 2 weeks with Striker. I was so dissapointed that the class sucks and at one time i even fell back to Gold. I was so tired and so pissed off i even went to my friend and told him i am gonna either quit PvP or make Paladin so i can get to masters atleast. However i saw one guy Yureki, i saw his stream and how he plays Striker yet he is top 10 GM. So i was like if he can why wouldnt i? So i learned few things by watching him and here am i.

Nice one man! An inspiration for sure.
We have to work extra hard, but I guess it’ll be worth it in the end :smile:

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Thank you! I have to admit that i played several days of non stop pvp. I would play around 8 hours a day pvp, i just simply couldnt believe that i wont be able to make it to masters. I guess persistence is key for everything:)

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Definitely! Striker is a hard class to play, with the lack of superarmors. Should be proud of the achievement.