To the Korean players/those in Korea playing NA/EU LA

If you guys haven’t done so already, then could you guys please start considering or start writing directly to SmileGate to get their official response to the issues NA/EU Faces?

Honestly, it feel’s like everybody on forums is playing a game of telephone with AGS and SG. We the vocal minority suggest feedback or discuss our issues, but that firsts get conveyed to AGS. Then AGS gets to select what to pass along AND filters it AND maybe even changes it to their fitting and passes it onto SmileGate. Can we, the players of NA/EU, really trust AGS to convey our messages, our ideas, our feedbacks, our problems properly and directly to Smilegate without distorting it? These four months we have been plagued with issues and clearly the majority of us can come to the conclusion it feels like we are being ignored.

If at the end of the day SmileGate is responsible for all of the executive decisions that are implemented in NA/EU Lost ark and AGS simply is the messenger supposedly passing the thoughts of the voice minority on forums over, then isn’t it just faster for actual Koreans or players in Korea to reach out directly to SmileGate?

As far as I am aware, Koreans and Korea netizens are famous for their ability to get traction/protest/pressure they could apply on companies to urge out some official response back. Is this not the case where Koreans was very vocal about their discontent and Gold River was the director + SmileGate went in a more positive direction fo the Korean version of Lost Ark?

So, please if you’re Korean or if you’re player who understands Korean, start drawing attention to this issue to get even more Netizens to support the cause and finally bring the GOOD change we need in NA/EU.

Let us stop relying on AGS to communicate our thoughts to SmileGate.


Unfortunately no one can change the TOS which is the angle AGS/SG will play here just like they did with the VPN ban.

And I will continue to disagree that ruining real players experience just to slow down bots is a terrible mistake.

People make friends from all over the world and then come together and have fun together in a game they enjoy together.

To take that away just to slow down bots is cruel and bad practice in any MMO.

Shame on you AGS/SG shame on thee.


this post isn’t just about VPNs tho, there are tons more issues we are having feedback on not just the botting, VPN and RMT issues.

like how they just remove content that was supposed to come along with the patch just like all other regions for example

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They’ve never been allowed to play this region, just like we are not allowed to play theirs.

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Technically we are allowed to play theirs.

In fact streamers OPENLY play there like STOOPZZZZZZ

This isn’t just about the very recent geo-block ip ban that happened, but is more for overall issues whether it’s the skins, rate of class releases, honing, etc.

Maybe I am on some high level of copium, but I am starting to believe there is a conflict of interest from AGS/it’s corrupted so they mention things to SmileGate that would profit AGS more so than the NA/EU Players.

If in theory SmileGate genuinely cared like how they cared for their Korean Version, then it really doesn’t make sense how its treating the NA/Eu Version.

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we aren’t allowed, he’s technically breaking the rules

No we aren’t.
It doesn’t matter if one individual plays in there somehow (I know how).

You can’t just go and create and account.

Uoony, a KR Streamer saw the SV voice acting and laughed at it asking Goldriver why he allowed it iirc

No shot you can just buy an account or something but the facts are you can still play there without getting banned as long as you don’t use an english translation patch.

So even IF it isn’t “allowed” they don’t ban as long as you don’t break the rules.

They don’t take this hard AF approach AGS is doing.

That’s illegal, so you’re not allowed to.
And if you connect to their server using certain IPs or certain VPNs you get banned.


If I still see Stoopz playing it more or less proves you can’t get banned even if reported.

This is what people forgets lol, we are NOT allowed to play the Kr region, if they found out you are playing they PERMA BAN you.

Look at Sywo, he has been banned MANY times in the KR server.
Also, streamers like Zeals and Saintone don’t really care about NA server, they won’t ever quit Kr for NA.
Zeals only play NA for views and and SaintTone don’t even play NA.
Obenji, ATK, Kanime all those are KOREAN streamers they don’t care about NA.


He lived in Korea & did his time

Wait what? he is always talking about “i wanna go to Kr” as if he never been there :o

True, there’s no reason for them to play on NA when they can just get the boobs on KR

I mean, what are you guys expecting Smilegate to do?
I highly doubt AGS has the rights to publish Lost Ark for KR players.

They are not even playing NA lol, it’s just Obenji, ATK and Zeals but they do it just to grab views and for content only, they literally don’t care about their NA accounts lol.
Also yeah, BOOBA on kr is stronk

Yeah b

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