To the "Newplayers" & those that are "GateKept"

dude you play average 14h a day since LoA released, if you cannot see anything wrong get help

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Just wait for the LOS18 gatekeep on brel in a month lol

Gotcha, that’s nice of you willing to take in players who are unfamiliar with mechs (I’m assuming you don’t look at roster at all). For me my gatekeep would be only high roster (135+), as long as they understand mechs. Statistically speaking, high roster is associated with time invested in the game, and potentially experience and knowing/reading up on mechs, which is why it is commonly used. Similar applies for title.

There are workarounds, but yeah. I’ve been in parties that accepted low roster supports and they didn’t know mechs. I’ve played with dps at high and decent roster who couldn’t dodge basic atk patterns and died without support. Been in parties where it’s continuous wipe after wipe, and they confirmed party member(s) unfamiliar with mechs with a decent roster (<130). I haven’t tested people with really low roster.

On a side note, there are new players who don’t want to join a guild or have issues finding an active guild who are left out. Also I understand joining/making the 1445+ argos runs, or other speedruns (I imagine the majority of people don’t want to spend time on old content, or anything at all).

I really want to see the metric and statistic you used to determine these “facts”

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good luck getting a response from him
he has started his 30 raids grindfest now, face sticked to the game

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Trust me, in clown those that put those titles, only put them to get good players in ALL THE WHILE THEY THEMSELVES FUCK UP 5 TIMES OR MORE, and yes before you don’t trust me i have gotten MVPS on ALL GATES since the very release of the raid on every raid i was in with people of similar/higher gearing than my SH.

In clown gate 3 i never got below 40% mvp dmg, among my mvps numbers are also these: 44, 45, 47, 51, and last week i got 53% mvp dmg, so I KNOW how fucking fake and bad are many people trust me.

I just figured out the best way to gatekeep reapers without appearing toxic. Just put in no bid box in the title xD

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