To those who says the april update has not been delayed

You guys think AGS did not say the april update date, but I will give you the proof that they did.

Here, you can see that the skin will be available until april update. We all know the omen skin sale was ending last Thursday. Then, they quietly (?) added another week with the last update.
WIth the sale statement shown in the picture, they technically confirmed that the april update was last Thursday. No matter how hard they try to conceal the fact that they never talked about the day of the april update, it was there along with the omen skin sale.

Amazon games, please just accept the fact that you guys messed up and delayed the update, and stop making people fight about who got the date right or wrong. People make mistakes, and the company running by the people can make mistakes, too.

Yes, I was very upset about you guys delaying the update, but I was more upset about how you quietly changed things and just let these players fight with each other.

Stop blaming the players for your own mistakes. Just accept the fact and do better next time.
The way you handled the recent situation is truly disappointing, but as everyone can, I believe you guys can change and do better in the future.

*P.S. If you still think it was not delayed, check this link for yourself. Don’t say the omen skin sale was not ending last Thursday, because we all saw it was ending that day.


how does this effect u in any way ? ok so they delayed it, what now. will u riot? do u need a public apology about how they needed to prep the server for a half baked continent with no content because hooligans need the game pushed back till 2045 to play? do you need a speech from biden to be content in real life a company needed 1 extra week before changing outfits?

seek help


They’re trying to show proof it was delayed. Many people wanted better communication, but the pushback from other players was, AGS had nothing to communicate since this thursday wasn’t the release date.

Roxx also said it was never slated to be released this week, which makes the speculatirs look bad. However, the added 7 day login bonus as well as quietly extending omen skin availability in the shop is like sneakily lying. It’s not just this lie though that’s rubbing the op the wrong way. It’s that he feels the complainers about this weeks update notes had something valid to say, and AGS not acknowledging it was supposed to be this week, and they wanna apologize about not announcing the delay sooner, will help ease the player against player tension


All he wanted was communication and to not be lied to. Isn’t it obvious?


Even if it was originally supposed to be released this past maintenance. They still technically arent late since the road map that was released just said April.

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Please give me more mats/resources and gold so i can get to 1415 before Valtan release :pray:

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Just let go it’s in the past, we are on saturday already you will get your update in a few days


Lost Ark Weekly Update - 4/14 @ 12 AM PT / 7 AM UTC / 9 AM CEST

So does this technically count since it says “update”? :thinking:

Read, please. “obtainable from the in-game store until the April Update.

Forum folks were very angry when it happened so what is the point of bringing it up again? Lol there were many threads during the time and it finally cooled down, well until another meltdown, that is just forum life

So they extended it to the next update April update since the most recent downtime also said “Update”.

Edit: really dont understand why youre complaining though. Has every game hit their patch deadline 100% of the time?

What many people don’t understand is how AGS handled this extremely simple patch and how some people are able to see red flags all over the place.

  • This patch includes South Vern content story and Glaivier(don’t know if I get the name right)
    While translating and voicing the story might have taken some time rest was simply pulling the existing update from source and implement it to our version.

  • Seeing how AGS not only failed on the communications department, them failing to implement a simple update is troubling. If they cant handle a patch of this type in 2 months we can easily assume any raid launch will require 3-4 months of preparation thus pushing Valtan release back to at least August.

  • Now they might not have enough team members or they may have faulty files form SG and need to fix too many things or they may just don’t know how to add some stuff without breaking others. All of these are speculations because we are not provided with any sort of information about the state of game.

In conclusion whatever their reasoning is AGS not only make mistakes, they also refuse to change their approach and thus leading to further mistakes.

People who still say it just a few days delay, will you keep defending AGS when next update is pushed months away.


Majority of the people in these forums know that already cause of the amount of threads and activity about what happened last week/~4days ago. If this happens again for May then yea it will catastrophic in the forums. But they should have gotten a better look at how to do things(maybe) from how they mismanaged April’s announcement.
Give them some breathing room man.

you do realize that devs push out the patches to the publisher right?

Edit: I’ve noticed a lot of people have all of a sudden become an expert in game development :laughing:

I wouldn’t be this aggressive if I hadn’t experience this before. I’m tired of referencing this but this all happened is the same way in New World, how they implemented things badly and how they refused to listen feedback and how people blindly defended the company and drive the game to its downfall.

And before anyone else says this don’t expect things to be different just because developer is different. Games can easily fall in the west while original thrives in their respective country.

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yea i understand where you are coming from better now. i do think though that having them already apologize for Argos, and talk about the botting issue while also saying other things that other studios/publishers wouldn’t say is quite promising. It might seem like a long time for other people but I’m going to see how this plays out till the summer patch. Summer is the biggest patch all MMORPGs have, if they mess that up i’ma be real sad

Many will be doing the same including me, again I and those voice their concerns are giving “feedback” about their patching cycle. If they refuse and follow their own pace and fail many will leave seeing how it is pointless to try change their company ways.

What are you talking about? I never complained about the deadline thing.

Edit: unless TC means it was directed at someone else. What does TC mean? Thread creater?

saying it was delayed implys they had officially stated a date for the april release. which they did not. all you linked was proof the omen skins were going to be removed from the shop on that patch day, not the day of the patch.

they never specifically said april 14th, the numbers ingame implied it sure. but those can be changed.

theres a very big difference between an internal delay and an external delay.

its not there job to tell you somethings not being released on a date if they never officially announced it for that day.

tc = topic creator yes.