To those who says the april update has not been delayed

Ok thanks for the clarification.

Gotta love how people, no matter what Amazon screws up or does wrong, will gas light you everytime trying to shutdown all criticisms and pretend you’re the problem for simply criticizing their delusional view of the game.

Hint: As someone with experience in this field, ALL CRITICISM is good and important and the ones dismissing all problems people have, are the reasons games get shut down. Yes men can’t keep a game alive, you need a constant flow of average players of which are all going to have criticisms that should be heard and fixed. Especially when it comes to communication, the most important thing for trust in the community.


When will you learn people are not defending amazon, they are just sick of the unending whining.

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This is why I don’t trust in AGS/SGS anymore. The world is near to a world war and they just let the same happen here. No reason for not saying the date last 3 weeks.

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Same effect in the end. If you don’t like whining, don’t read it. Silencing whining will prevent needed changes and Lost Ark is losing players too rapidly at this point, they need the criticism.


Its losing players because people realised they don’t like the game.

No shit.

What i mean by that is the games already planned out, we know what’s coming. criticism about the content is pointless because its not going to change.

only hope ppl have is that legion raids are apparently this amazing thing since the director said player retention went way up with them.

First of all, that is untrue, they can absolutely make changes.

Second, this is a complaint about poor communication which is unrelated to game changes anyway, this is about community trust.

Oh i was just having a discussion with you, the topic is trash and the TC making a big deal about semantics.

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That’s where the all criticism is important thing I said comes into play. As someone involved with the community aspects of a now dead game.

I’m seeing a lot of the same problems appear here. AGS needs as much criticism as possible to make changes now before they lose funding and can’t later when it is too late.

I’m on board with this.

A solid issue with this is when you dismiss feedback/criticism you need to explain why you are saying ‘No, this is fine.’

When you explain your reasoning, the reasonable people will be calmed by it even if they think you are wrong, because you are honestly trying to communicate about it.

To use a non LA/AGS example, you can’t just say ‘You don’t know what you want.’ and leave it at that. You have to explain why something people keep bringing up to you won’t work out how they think it will, or why that would ultimately be a bad thing.

To use a directly applicable example: The biggest question I’d like a ‘why?’ on is why Summoner was locked and Sorceress unlocked at the very last second prior to release. At about 2 minutes to midnight, this happened and there has never been an answer to the reasoning.

I think people could accept ‘We think Sorceress will do better in the west, so we swapped them.’ Doesn’t mean people will like it, but knowing that decisions like that are being shaped by perceived popularity (which the Lance Master shift suggests) would give people some understanding of the situation.

In NW AGS was both publisher and developer so things that went wrong would fall on them. However, they are just the publisher in Lost Ark, so while they can give input for changes, the patch needs to get pushed out by SG first.

But they did give a reason, last year.

Deal with it

dont reply if u dont care then, a lot of ppl do

its funny how you create your own narrative about people defending amazon no matter what, in context to people complaining because of an update that was never said to arrive on the 14th not arriving on the 14th.

how about we come back to the facts instead of made up narratives?

fact 1: amazon posted news that an update with a new class and south vern will be released IN APRIL

fact 2: the community jumped to assumptions and started to speculate it will come on the 14th

fact 3: the speculated date was wrong and now people are mad, because something they made up in their mind did not come true

fact 4: amazon should have cooled down those speculations a lot earlier

i don’t know exactly at which point i should fit in your narrative about people blindly defending amazon. criticism is fine and good, if it is based on reality. if i base criticism on stuff that did not happen than criticism is worthless…

just like criticism like “i ordered the salmon, but it did not taste like chicken. 1 out of 5 stars” is worthless… and me pointing that out is not defending the chef blindly…

so go ahead and criticize the horrendous communication from AGS, but if you criticize an update being delayed, even tho said update did not even have an official release date, then this falls under the “worthless” criticism category

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to pick up on your salmon argument,

if you order food in a restaurant you expect the food to be handed to you in a timely manner, lets say less than an hour.
Even though the waiter never gave you a specific date and time on when your food will arrive you will probably be angry if you are sitting there for 3 hours and still dont have your food.
And when he then comes to your table after 3 hours with your food and says “yeah the food was never intended to be delievered in an hour idk why you are mad” instead of apologizing what would you say?


This is kind of sad. You have to have no life to be upset something in a video game got pushed back (1) week.

lol but in this case it would be more like:

you order the salmon and get angry because you thought you get it in 5 minutes but it arrived after more reasonable 15-20 minutes.

also in this case you would have to criticize the time it took and i would give it to you, because it is based on reality and reasonable expectations. the “salmon did not taste like chicken. 1 star” critic on the other would still not be based on reality or be reasonable and hence is still worth nothing

reality simply is: AGS sucks at communication and should have shut down all these “it will come on the 14th” speculations right away.

reality also is: the 14th was never given as release date. the only release date given was “in April”. everything else were assumptions from the playerbase and now the people are angry and call it “criticism” because made up assumptions were not met.