To unbound T1 & T2 mats helping new/mid players

Hi AG & SG,

I’m not sure if they did this in Korea but here’s a suggestion.

Since you guys are in and all about the “helping players catch up” campaign, why not unbound those bound mats in T1 & T2.

Firstly this will allow senior players like us to give these mats to our recruits from other games and help them with their time locked progression. And they will do the same to their recruits. A good ripple affect for the health of the game.

Why i suggested this cause i believe most of us have some bound shards, leapstones, etc of T1 & T2 in the main while exploring island for the island souls. It might not be much but is just sitting there.

Is up to you if you just wanna set it tradable or include sellable. But i think this can either help new players or help a mid way player to build alts to feed their main.

I don’t see the reason of bounding those mats anymore so this is my 2 cents.

I know some might comment this will allow the bots to farm more etc. but hey the market of those mats already down the drain. Maybe with this fix, the bots will not have as much income from those T1 & T2 mats anymore.


iLvl 1000 to 1100 is always my nemesis

330 gold for Life Shard Pouch L on my server

440 on EUC Zinnervale yesterday :smiley:

Let bots make money on t1 and t2 too. Good idea.

The idea of unbound T1 and T2 mats is great, but must be limited to roster. Making it tradable will result to other matter available for exploitation of bots. The purpose of which must only for the benefits of alts.

ok, if ur petition really got accepted, make sure to tell ASG to include “old” players too.

good luck on ur petition and all the best~

Thats why i did mention trable only. Not sellable. Ya’ll know like right click trade or mail types XD.

Tradable equals to sellable to AH or thru personal trade here, Once Label Tradable it is automatically considered as sellable. Further more in my long time playing MMO there is no such thing that a tradable item is not sellable. If you can trade it the you can put a price in it, what makes it different to other items sellable only to AH?