To whom do we beg to class balance?

Is AGS allowed to balance the game? Or are we locked to the old Korean version? Following the exact timeline until the present, Korean version.
Independently of your opinion, the game will inevitably need class balance.

We need to wait for actual classes balance in korea, for what i know we are using these same classes balance patch they have right now

AGS is publishing this game publishing have nothing to do with development.

They dont even had Access to unban people so Yeah

we’re not even at end game and people already want class balances?

the CMs have stated that smilegate is in charge of development, what i imagine includes balance.

we are a glorified translation of the original korean game, so we will get things in a very odd order depending on what they think will work for us.

balance in kr is done for endgame content, which for them is in the 1500s. so there balance chances ‘could’ have a negative impact on us down in the 1300-1400 range.

For what exactly do you want class balance? PvE or PvP?

People pick higher skill characters and their personal skills can’t match up to whats required so they complain their class is weak.

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Yeah? Have you played a Soulfist?

Lmao Who? Whats a soulfist?