Today i played for 12 minutes

Having hit 1100 last night i wasnt able to get into any chaos dungeons till reset. Fast forward to this morning i jump into them and… No chest piece drop. Now im suck in a void for a minimum of 24 hours due to rng where previous content is of no worth and next content requires 1302. Well i enjoyed my 12 minutes i guess.

Before anyone says play an alt mine are all level 51 in T2 gear already and ive done all the island quests. No adventure tome isnt what id call fun so…


Then go play PoE or any other one-shot rpg out there for your sweet progressium. This is an MMO, not an AFK arena type of game.


dude is playing 20h/day and cries …

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What does massive multiplayer online have to do with finding collectables boring content? Im guessing that people who wanna dig flowers and tick boxes are in the minority. This is about a stupidly implemented time gate with ZERO way to get around it.

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6-10 hours but close guess. You speak as though its hard to level up and gear in this game. The locking of the gear behind rng with no way to go around to move on is a good thing? Its actually a horrible thing that allows someone to advance purely on luck alone.

Im a business owner who can afford to play games as much as i like. Terrible counter argument.

The same happened to me but I knew this was part of the game so I went on my alt did some stuff then did t3 islands on my main and did some other quests did some farming/collecting/stronghold stuff and had fun till the next day I got the missing gear piece, Also there is no rush about it you don’t need it today the mats are the same for the first dungeon and the second don’t worry too much you didn’t miss anything.

Ok Businessman

Got any solution or valuable input or is being bitter and jealous your normal go to when replying to a thread?

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I do appreciate a bit of irony. Thanks for your input though.

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Play PvP. Create a new alt. Do Adventure Tome. Explore every inch of the world.

If none of those are incentive enough for you, then play something else and come back tomorrow? Or are you in desperate need to be logged in to LA 10 hours a day?

I myself do my dailies, and once I’m done I play something else until I can progress to something new. I don’t see the issue here really… Game is designed for you to have ~5+ alts. Game is also designed so that you only have to play a minimal amount of time each day so that it won’t require 10 hours to reach daily limits.

The T3 gear is also tradable in both korea and russia so this is an issue specific for our version and implementation of this was deliberate. Just wondering who thought this was a good thing other than being a road block. Ive done 90% of the islands and have 25 islands tokens and 500 makoko. Ive done side stuff and wanted to actually play vertical for a bit. As mentioned above ive got all my character slots full with level 51 alts that all sit in the T2 gear range (between 700-950) so classes just arent fun to play and thats okay you dont have to enjoy everything

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I’m not saying it’s good i’m just saying that in another game you would’ve made this topic a week earlier

This made me chuckle. No legitimate “business owner” in the world has 10 hours a day to play video games.

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completely off topic but idk which country your from but here in the UK we employ managers and supervisors to do most of the heavy lifting and you reach a point where the business is mature enough to allow life to be enjoyed.

Yeah, no.

lost ark is an MMO / RPG. The RPG part (diablo style) is locked behind gates and RNG. The MMO part will eventual run out if you do everything and no new content is released.

I started the game thinking i was playing a Diablo type game where i skipped content to get to new world quests at 39 and hit the vern wall of needing to be 50 before i could continue as well.

You could continue to run chaos dungeon for the non-dropable mats and maybe a chest piece will drop (it’s rare for other items to drop but they do).

Isn’t there a T3 crafter that uses abyss dungeon drops?

Either you are spending heavy amounts of money on the game or you are lying right now.

Every character slot means 12 characters, where only two got the Powerpass boost. To have time to do dailies on every single 12 characters and every island/content out there, you need to have played more than 10 hours a day since the game got released.

If you rush the content, then you will hit a roadblock. That goes for every single MMO out there.
As I wrote, if there is no content left to be enjoyed apart from your 12 minute Chaos Runs then play something else, or do something else.

To me it feels that you have an addiction problem with LA and should have it looked at, if you feel that it’s worth complaining about being content drought when the game has only been released for 3 weeks.

The abyssal dungeon that drops them is 1325 so no go on that one same for buying the sunlight set. Its literally a hard gate thats specific for our region onky as it doesnt exist in the other publishers versions. The people who think this is a good idea have either bypassed it with luck or are still not at the point were uts an issue but it will come. I can deal with the uocoming 1% refining rates as there is a method to combat it but being forced into limbo isnt great design.

You rushed to end game and are now complaining that you are at end game. Congrats you played yourself. T3 content is not tradeable because there is core t3 content out. We have 10% out now. Once its out they will make it tradeable. Until then, stop paying to win then complain that you have nothing to do.