[TODAY] Korea is confirmed getting a NEW class in summer, before we have even gotten our missing classes, WHAT?!?!?

You literately answered your own question, this is why you don’t make promises you can’t keep or set expectations too high. You don’t want to alienate an entire fanbase/region/consumer base or make them feel second class. It’s just bad business.

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On April the first. It will be Amazon’s biggest April Fools joke in history.


why do you guys bother to make complains or new post about how bad the game is handled? they will just delete the post and ban you.
Guess we need complain above.

my main class isn’t even new yet its being locked away wtf just give them all to us

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True enough, I don’t want to invest too heavily into an alt until some other classes are out.

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This version of the game has been out for less than two months – new classes will come over time, as was always planned, but the Korean version of the game will not stop development in the meantime. It’s just more content to look forward to for everyone in the long run.


She woke up and the threads got deleted dem


This isn’t information we don’t know

But it is something that needs to be said, especially because people are spinning stuff similar to the topic of this thread

Exactly and most of people still don’t understand that “the game has only been out since 2 months”.

Better you explain why you guys cutting content from the game manually

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Yup, nothing has changed from pre-launch plans, but this thread still showed concern around the topic so I am happy to provide clarity

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There’s no reason to lock destroyer and summoner when the class was always there since the start of the game on KR…


What needs to be said is something concrete. The good will is being used on “tell you more later” types of posts.


You’re also happy to delete threads and swipe issues under the rug, pretending they don’t exist, it seems.


so 2 months per class i bet the game will die before we get all the classes lol


@Roxx I know your job is to keep this forum running and update players from whats going on. but currently this place is a bit on fire. we need more constant information.

Instead of wait 2 weeks to let us know a ‘’ big thing change that may make ppl happy or angry’’ maybe give small updates.

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Or just be patient and its only “on fire” because you want it to be, not because there’s actually an issue.

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Until we hit 6 months with 0 classes, we aren’t getting them slower. Kr launched with 12 classes, so we already have 3 more than their launch.

Our current content patch is late 2020. I know we are all upset no roadmap but if they actually deliver by April and its bad, THEN we raise our voices. Until then we are just screaming at nothing. And yes, i know that nothing is annoying, frustrating and anger intensifying. But for all we know ags has something good.

Point is game is still too new and we have only done 1 major patch. We don’t know if this is going new world style just yet until April update

Nothing is changed so to say we are not getting accelerated class releases ?

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