Today's experience

Today I came home from a long day at work, with one hope that I could play some lost ark and hopefully push my main from 580 to 600 and enter tier 2.

My first hurdle came immediately as unfortunately when I opened the game I got a overloaded error and the game closed itself. Ddespite this I persevered. Somewhere between 20 - 30 attempts to load the client later and simply see the name of my server (Zinnervale) I succeeded.

My troubles did not end their though, upon attempting to enter zinnervale I was faced with the dreaded queue. Over 15700 people just like me trying to enter and play lost ark. I can’t blame them though after all how can u not love playing as assassin waifu’s or berseaker chads.

Not to be beaten yet, I loaded up twitch on my second screen and prepared to wait. Fortunately 4 and a half hours later during which I was able to earn the hoverboad mount drop from start to finish at 9pm I was able to enter the game.

Immediately I noticed a issue, unable to load the store inventory I was unable to claim my drop. Fortunately I had bought a plat founders pack so I had a mount already, time to do some chaos dungeons for those harmony shards.

Turns out I ended up being ported somewhere near Jupiter because all of a sudden I was rubber banding, my attacks doing no damage for almost 2 seconds. Still I persevered. After burning 20ish blue pots to keep myself alive due to the lag damage being taken I finally managed to complete my 2 dungeon runs. Time to hit 600!

I failed.

But wait I can just buy some more leapstones from mari… Or not because she is shut. Probably has covid or something I guess.

Guess I will try again tomorrow, after all what a wonderful game this is.

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Pro tip: Install TeamViewer on your phone.
That way you can log-in to queue at like 1-3 PM from work, and when you’ll get home you’ll be nearly in-game.

TeamViewer login from the work place is a solution that works well and will save you a lot of pain, try it.

Ofc Team Viewer won’t fix the server issues they had today, but it will save you from queue.