Toggle (immersionbreaking) Skins

I was wondering if it’s possible to implement an option to filter or hide certain/all skins of other players. Given the tremendous amount of goofy or real-world fashion skins Korea has, I’d welcome this option. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind having them in the game but I just enjoy cutscenes more if I could watch them without somebody wearing an animal costume, a bikini or a school uniform. I’m a huge fan of some of this stuff too but I’d like to be able to limit it to certain content and toggle it on/off whenever I feel like it. I think it would be a nice option that doesn’t harm anyone and would help individuals enjoy the game in a way they prefer.
World of Warships also has this feature where you can hide goofy skins.


Im pretty sure this can be easy implemented

Actually a good idea that would solve a lot of previous disputes on forum about skins.

As much as this wouldn’t be a bad addition to the game, we have way too much missing content that needs to be added and not add content that doesnt exist in Korea, this update if it comes should come a year from now or when we catch up fully in content.

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I mean. I think it’s part of the game?
I don’t think it’s worth the dev time.

It’s the same in other MMO environments. I don’t think it should be different here.

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We’re talking about a company that needed a week or so to fix timers because of daylight savings.

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I support this. Please give us the option to hide the skins.

I wish this was the only issue that needed to be addressed. Of all the current issues this should be the last one. I get it, but id rather see them implement other simple changes before they rework the ui so you can hide skins.

I wish there was an option too, but let’s be real. This ain’t never gonna happen.

It would be cool if you could disable them in PvP though, for visual consistency’s sake.

I for one thought it was hilarious that I, a three sword wielding backwards hat wearing penguin saved Nia from falling when scared by Kakul Sadon. Thank god my flightless flappers were strong enough or she might have broken her neck.

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I’ve seen some threads about hiding other players’ skins (especially ship skins) and I’m here for it.

This could also reduce bandwidth and loading time if we were able to hide all custom skins via game settings - just like pets.