Tome of enchantment not showing up on gear honing

same thing here EUC it was working before the last maint now it doesn’t show for me
EUC Kadan

Same thing here on South America, character name: slipmp
Please provide us a fix :smiley:

Same thing on EUC Sirius server on Character “Plocadin”, not the character that got the books originally

Edit: Also tested it on the character that got them, doesn’t work for that one either, books bugged

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Same thing here, NA west bergstrom character name:Choccymilker
tome of enchantment just wont show up

Not showing up in the list for me as well, NA West Valtan server, 1400 GS armour

Same problem here.

Region: SA
Server: Kazeros
Gear: 1400 GS Argos
Character: Kamasutra

Same issue here.

Region: NA East
Server: Zosma
Character: Khaldraxx

Same issue here.

BTW - 16 days till they expire.

Region: NA East
Server: Danube
Character: Haymaster

@Achieveme @Roxx any news on when this gets fixed? the expiration date is getting close

Same issue here:
Region : Central Europe
Server: Calvasus
Character: Gentlebuddy

Same Issue, cannot use any of the 20% Books on any of my characters (including the one that originally got the books from the Hyper Express. These things have a duration limit on them, please find a fix soon as they expire in 2 weeks.

Character: Dragonessii
Server: Avesta - Us East

They worked perfectly fine up until the Main September patch a week ago. Was able to use them on the character that got them AND on different characters as well.

Hey there aventurers!

Just letting you know that as Community Manager Roxx mentions in this other post regarding the same issue, the team is aware of it and it’s likely getting fixed after the next weekly maintenance:

Hope this helps!

Hopefully since the following week the books expire.

Hi @dragonmaster0283

Hope you are doing well!

I’m sorry for the issue regarding the Honing Books.

I would like to assure you that the expiry time for the books will be extended to make up for the time that the issue is affecting the players.

Please find the post by our Community Manager @Roxx which mentions the same thing.

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

i have the same problem with those tome.
Character name: Nulodemo
Server: Aldebaran

I have a same problem
region:Central Europe


Same Problem Troncaeth Azena North America East

Hello Heroes!

Hope you are doing great!

Please refer to this post in order to clarify this situation: Hyper Express Honing Tomes are still disabled - #7 by Roxx
@ardayld98 @Sloneth

I will be updating the post as soon as I have more information!
Best Wishes!

new problem now, why does it say bound, but still bound to roster? this book should be available to all my classes, but now when i tried using it on my glavier i cant use it @Roxx @Achieveme

Hi @Dankusmemes

Hope you are doing well.

As my colleague said in the post above yours please refer to this post linked to clarify the situation and they can see all this information you share with us and the new issue that happen to you with the Hyper Express Honing Tomes.

Hope you have a nice day! :wolf: