Tomorrow's update was planned to be the April Update, proof inside

I understand any update in April can be called April Update, but were we not suppose to get the April content from the Road map tomorrow?

If not, then why is the Omen skin collection ending tomorrow?



What’s the point if that was the plan Roxx has said multiple times there was a problem so saying it was supposed to be today it doesn’t matter a bad rollout would be way worse than a week delay.


And they realized that they have a problem 2h ago?


A problem that’s gonna take more than 1 week to fix >.>

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they didn’t give a date so why announce a delay and yes it’s obvious that tomorrow was the planned day but it wasn’t stated or promised.

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in real life, if people don’t say there is a problem, people just assume everything is running smoothly

if I have to constantly walk up to you and ask, “is there a problem?”, do you understand the ridiculousness of that


Because they have people waiting in the hollow without any clues about what to expect? You really need like 30 IQ to know that if you said that you will release a huge patch in April then maybe not saying a single word about its release for the first half of April is not the best move ever.


Yep, it’s just more horrible communication from AGS.

Remember that before New World AGS made mobile games, this is not a AAA studio. New World was their first attempt at making a real game and it went up in flames, in no small part due to horrible communication practices.

I think they were an untested studio that got a ton of hype because they’re a subsidiary of Amazon, made poorly informed estimates for when New World would be released, and then learned all the wrong lessons when the community exploded at them for a year because of constant delays.

Your mistake was not setting a launch date and then having to change it, your mistake was making a bad release date in the first place because you didn’t have the requisite experience required to evaluate what was required to complete the project.

Now they’ve learned that the best course of action is to say nothing at all and then just release it when they can - something you only earn the right to do after years of quality releases, and strong community confidence.

You have not earned that right.

You do not have our confidence.


Their first attempt was Crucible and it was such a disaster that they attempted to un-release it back into closed beta.

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I’m not a fan of Amazon.

The first step is to acknowledge the problem.
Second is addressing it
Third is fixing it

AGS has done a good job doing step one, Roxx has apologised tons of time [I feel sorry for her] for the delay and many other issues.

Step 2 is what they can do a bit better of. The comminication at first was almost non existent. Now its 12 hours before the update [at least we are moving in a positive direction].

We were loud on clear on forums, reddit, and discord. We were eagerly waiting for the update.
And you let us build that false hope.

The least you could have done was to say the race event was extended due to problems with the april update. Thats it.

Step 3 is what we need. We keep hearing pormises about how communication will get better. I really hope this is true. AGS should respect their CM staff more, and listen to everyones our feedback. Give the CM more space/freedom and stop restricting every piece of information.

Ouch. So with that evidence in mind, read this:


Go touch grass.


MOMMY!! ags is being mean again… wahhh

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If i were as impatient as some of you, i reckon i would had never had a girlfriend in my life.

Just slow down and enjoy the game. I dont even have a single t3 alt and im at 1396, i have a great group of friends i play with daily and we have events.

Sure, there is a lot i think could be better in the game. But they are trying, its not easy to appease all of these people. Ive had so much fun in the game.

I do wish there was way more group content though.

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Ultimately, the update wasn’t ready and they delayed it. It is what it is. Who cares when it actually drops?

The lack of brutal transparency is awful as usual. I still cannot wrap my head around announcing April’s plans already a week into April. I said it elsewhere, but if you’re in April you should be pushing back your Roadmap dates to May. People would be disappointed, but at least you don’t look stupid.

If you want to see an example of another gaming company, GGG just announced the exact date for their new content a full month before release. Bear in mind this is content still in development, not ready-to-ship classes where the only decision is release order.


No need more then 5iq to know april not end at 14


I think you are right , it was planned for today but the team decided to delay it 1 week to do marketing for the update.
8 hours maint. could mean they are updating the build today with south vern and lance master and ‘unlocking’ it next week. I bet we are going to have a large update today in game files and next week just 30minutes 1kb maintenance :wink:

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You need to give AGS a chance , they are a small indie company :wink: .


What proof :thinking: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: