Tons of people saying they still have their "free pheon"

I have seen numerous people saying the pheon they claimed last night was indeed NOT removed… meanwhile I was asleep and got nothing so this is even more infuriating than it was…

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Correct, I kept my 240 free pheons why you were sleeping.
Merry Christmass :slight_smile:

Are you fucking kidding me? People that exploited or woke up early get to keep this while you give nothing to the rest? Fucking fix this shit or I quit.


They did say they decided not to remove the pheon from those accounts that claimed/exploited it. Fuck the rest of us that sleep/work at night.

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Welcome to our forums Travelers (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
@Myrikal @richy_0ne @IceCreamTruck

I apologize this mistake affected you and a lot of other players , today , Lost Ark characters received an in-game mail about the upcoming changes to the Skill Tree Transfer System titled “Notice: Skill Trees”. This mail included rewards that weren’t intended to be sent along this message.

I agree is not fair as well we are currently evaluating options for a make-good gift, and will provide an update within 24 hours on the compensation all players will receive.

Please refer to this Official News post to see more details of this:

We apologize for any inconveniences generated by this.

Take care all of you and enjoy your week.

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Only fair option now that you’ve gone with letting players keep pheons is to re-send pheons to people whose mail was wiped. Just a compensation for ALL is just escalation of this nonsense.

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Yes, you’re right. " maybe " but as long as it wasnt intended to be sent, this should be removed as well. or give the rest of players the same.

What you’ll do about players who was deleting and re-creating new characters to get all these free phones? " as you mentioned "

You’ll let them go, right!
Do you know what that means!

Believe me if you want to close the game forever or if you want players to quit the game. you wont do these type of things. I dont wanna be mean. but we all waiting for the next move " your next update within 24hrs " if nothing good for whose who didnt get any rewards, by ur unintended mail. you will lose 50% of your base active players.

thanks for ur time and for being unable to communicate with players.

and “If” those ppl who already used this “unintended” mail gonna get this rewards, this mean you’re saying “fuck you” for the 2nd time.


The problem is… this “make good gift” is gonna be given to ALL players and will be something dumb like 3 day crystalline and 30 vitameow. The only way to make this fair and right is to give the players that didn’t claim anything their share of pheon tbh. The damage is already done to the markets. It was far more than just some inconvenience that was created here. The situation was bad enough to start but letting people who claimed their pheon KEEP their pheon while the rest of us got nothing and then to ensure the rest of us get nothing? It’s like AGS wants us to quit playing the game and giving them money. LOL

This entire fiasco was literally a giant slap in the face to anyone that wasn’t playing during “degen” hours and at this point I have no faith that this “make good gift” won’t be another giant slap in the face. Enjoy running a game full of whales and bots.

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Hi @Myrikal & @CrueIty & @m.grigonis0

I’m sorry you feel that way with the update provided by our team.
I understand this is not handled the way some players expect , we apologize for any inconvenience.

From my end additionally, this thread will be moved to the “Game Feedback” category, where the team will take into account your opinion and experience.

If you want to manually send your feedback to this team please submit the feedback on this link :

Opinions like yours help us improve our products and the quality of service we offer our customers.

We appreciate your comments, they are always welcome.
Take care.