Tons of posts about RMT but what about individual botting 24/7 chaos?

Guildmates have been botting chaos since ilvl 1100, and now most of them are already 1460+. I have been reporting them every single day until I gave up last week since none of them gotten punished.
My friend also told me that someone got a 3 days ban only for botting chaos…shouldn’t it be a permanent ban for using cheats? This is way serious than RMT. At least RMTers pay for what they get but chaos botters progress while you are sleeping.
Apparently Smilegate did a pretty good job on combatting bots recently with new tools and I hope they will have tools ready soon to detect chaos botters.


Rmters also inflate the economy and pay for bots to take up our server space with ques

Both are cheating and both should be banned, but saying an Rmter doesn’t do anything, or that is not serious is simply not true

Exactly no idea why no one talks about this made a post ystrday about this and got shit talked. I think people below 1460 juz dont care and the few people that got to 1460 legit are not enough to make this topic relevant

This question has already been answered. Yes, people who do this are PUNISHED, not permanently banned, but if they continue to use it, then yes, they will be banned forever. Also, no, the “individual bot” case is not more serious than RMT nor more serious than mass bots, in addition to being MUCH easier to control and punish.

Whenever you are sure, continue to report, you are doing it right.