Tons of us can't play the game

We are unable to access the game to play, and the server goes down for maintenance at 12. So the play time is being lessened more and more, just got off work :frowning:

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The Error Code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2PT

Enviska is partially down


Add to the error message threads so that they see it easier is a large issue. Just a suggestion.

Same here, and posted on several other threads already. It’s only affecting the char I want to play (my main), as I can login just fine to any alts so far.

Super frustrating for sure, especially with maintenance tomorrow

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I only didnt because the info is all over already, just made another post to help call attention to the fact that the game is down and ive not seen the team address it yet.

Per twitter, theyre aware of issues. And per downdetector, people are shouting about it

Thanks for the server crash reports, the team is aware and working on the issue!

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Going through the forums it looks largely like Enviska server. Some reports from EU Central but a large of it is Enviska…. Was trying to get abyssal done before maintenance but guess I’m out of luck for this week.

Happening East too! Did several Guardian Raids today and at the end of EVERY…SINGLE…ONE…after killing it or failing it my game crashes

and I can’t harvest souls and get my loot. So I have lost loot on both attempts on my Bard AND my Shadowhunter. This is on Una-East!

Same here, got one character stuck in Trixion, I can’t connect

I was just trying to finally go through Punika and now I can’t even complete it before the reset fantastic. And all of my characters can’t log in now. I’m glad after I got off work to come home and not be able to play

@Roxx Server in NA still crashing. First tried to use the Ocean Liner to Vorn and crashed, tried again to head to boat from map and crash.