Too little, too late, the economy is already in shamble

Let me be clear, I perfectly understand that fighting bots is probably a lost battle and I do realize there is not so much they (AGS/SGS) can do with bots coming back everytime in less than 24 hours.

I also completely (without approving) understand that they also decided that they wouldn’t punish too harsly someone who buy gold for the very good reason than that person is willing to spend high amount of money on the game and if someday they succesfully remove bots on the middle/long term, they expect them to keep buying gold throught the “regular approved” way.

The problem, in the mean time, is that the economy keep inflating day after day and not just a little, but through the roof.
Not only the gold cost of blue cristals has practically double in a month but now the gold inflation (logically) spread to every good in the Auction House.
To take a few examples, the cost of basic stack of a hundred flower, within a SINGLE week went from 58 gold/stack to over 75 and is now up to 114 gold a stack.
The mats to craft lifeskill tools has imploded, last month you could buy a relic toolkit for 6k gold and now we are up almost 14k.
And of course, no need to mention the cost of legendary engraving books.

The amount of gold a player can obtain each week remained the same with the arrival of Valtan (since u lose Oreha) and will barely increase with Vykas of a few thousands, a tear in an ocean.

I do not pretend I’ve got the beginning of a solution, but simply fight bots won’t change anything to this situation, we need massive changes in the game economy and really fast because the disconnect between regular whale, massive amount of unpunished RMT cheaters and regular players is getting too big, too fast and will keep getting bigger and bigger.

I perfectly understand and respect the fact that someone who pay to advance will always be ahead, I don’t have a problem with that.
But the difference do not just grow, it has skyrocket to the moon and beyond in a very short spawn of time, one way or another, it has to change.
The game’s economy need deep changes to control gold inflation. It probably won’t happen because it will makes it less required to spend money on buying gold on the shop or through RMT but it has to be done for the general well being on the middle term of the game.

Lost ark made it’s success on remaining accessible to a more casual audience, at this rate, semi-hardcore and casuals are too far behind already and it’s going to get worse, much worse.


Not disagreeing with you but I would like someone to explain how did AGS reduce gold inflation the last time ? 1000 gold for blue crystals to 400 gold for blue crystals in matter of days. If they did it once, why can’t they do it again ? Knowing this, I would argue AGS is simply not doing enough or not doing anything against bots right now. All PR smoke.


They didn’t change it, the players did. The gold per crystal rate is set BY the players who purchase.

truest shit i’ve seen on this forum.

1k to 400 crystal did not happen in a few days. The argos honing rush just died down. Especially when we had 2 events at the same time.

Supply and demand. Blue crystals only exists if there are people converting Royal crystals into them. The major issue is, with RMT being rampant and gold from bots being easily cheaper than buying legally, the supply of royals is thinning while gold is being inflated.


What about whales that are turning away from royal crystals to bot gold after they seen there is no punishment for it? Barerly anybody converts RC into blue crystals and the price is off the roof, why would anyone voluntary spent 3 to 5 times as much money for the same amount of gold if he knows he’s not gonna get punished for RMT?

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ags doesnt give a fuck about us. theyre trying to save their game and their games department from getting the axe by keeping artificially inflated numbers shown publicly. when shareholders find out theres less than 100k players left and the game failed, theyll mass layoff most of the people working at amazon game studios with the exception of the mobile games department

The royal/blue crystal market is still stronger then it was. There was a point during the Argos launch where the store RAN OUT of blue crystals i.e you could not buy any blue crystals for gold until some players sold royals for gold.

The MAIN driving force behind the blue crystal price right now is NOT soley due to bots. Theres FAR MORE GOLD in the economy now even in normal player hands due to Argos/Valtan/Oreha FREE gold. Back during Argo’s there wasn’t THAT many players generating FREE gold into the market (the whales mostly) while the rest of us were at T1 and T2.

This is a main driving force of the Blue Market going up in price. even if ALL the bots got banned again, crystal prices will NOT go back down to 400.

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PoV of the ppl who keep saying it’s okay cause you make more gold too:

No, you don’t :relaxed: