"Too many adventurers are using the service. Please try again later."

Server: US WEST / Bergstrom

This is a first for me, and I’ve been playing since NA open launch. Whenever I try to search for anything on the Auction House, be it to price check an item or to buy from either the Market or AH side, or when I try to list something, the action fails with that message. This has been going on for the past three hours for me, rendering the AH completely unusable.


This is happening for me too, you have to click search again until it works takes a few tries

Agreed, the market is very difficult to use right now.

This has been happening for what seems like weeks now. please fix and address. it is so frustrating spending 10 minutes trying to sell something because i have to click back and forth 10 plus times to get it to search.

This is EXCEEDINGLY annoying.
Please look at it, fix it, or something.

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