"Too many adventurers are using the service...."

I’m pretty tired of seeing the “Too many adventurers are using the service. Please try again later.” message on the Auction House; pretty much all I see when I try to search for items on Saturday and Sunday, and also during the week in the evenings.

Specifically seeing this more often than I’d like (for over a month…) on NAE.



Yes this is happening for me too, the AH/Market is basically unsearchable without spamming the search button 20 times


Same :frowning:

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they can put people in negative for pheons immediately, but they cant fix this


This is a issue that has been getting worse search just doesnt work its allways busy alot of the time. So the very few times the auction is working we cant even buy what we want either cuz you have to wait 10 sec between purchases, the perchase delay is also quite annoying.


Yeah, this is so annoying.
Why not restrict who spam searches than normally user?
You can imprement “History” delay but not this?

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Yeah this has been a problem since September and we’re nearly end of November now and still no fix or even official address about this? This is game-breaking stuff.

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Unfortunately Lost Ark gets more and more buggy…
I have the same since last weeks resett.


Every day more issues arise that they seem to be incapable of fixing. Every patch brings more problems and they cannot throw Compensation at us fast enough to try and keep us quiet with all the new issues that keep arising with EVERY FREAKING PATCH.

Patch day is now synonymous with the question: What did they break this time?

So what is this now? The 4th or 5th thing going wrong?

Bot Invasion - Still ongoing, most likely never to be resolved. Only more restrictions to make players suffer.

Pheon “Give away” - Gave something, promised to not take it away, took it away anyways, then made a work around instead of correcting the problem.

Disconnect Issues - Persisting for weeks now. It seems unfixable so far and people getting disconnected often don’t get their tickets to reset their lost progress. Beyond belief that this is still broken.

Tripod Conversion mishaps - Many people spent pheons for the Tripod Conversion. MANY have also seen that Levels 5s that were properly stored were not converted properly. Leaving many with wasted pheons now upset. Still waiting for customer support to do SOMETHING other than “pretend it will go away on its own”

Market place breakage - Ongoing for a very long time. The only answers so far seem to be GENERIC trouble shooting messages that do not EVER help. But hey I am sure the bots have no issues with the marketplace.

Surprisingly the real life money market if of course working perfectly. So you go whales. Enjoy the game while the rest of us can just get nothing and like it.

Lets see how long CS can try and pretend the issues aren’t getting worse, FIX THE DAMN GAME


until they lock servers funnel bots onto one or two servers and have active GM’s monitor and ban bots more issues like this will keep coming the reason we cant use AH is because of bots using scripts on the market imagine 100k bots spam searching for things every second or so

this is apeshit annoying now, i can’t justify spending anymore money on this game at all.


Yea I still can’t use the auction house, pretty much at any time during the day. It’s frustrating, as I have some accessories piling up that I don’t want to spend 20 minutes just to price check. What’s odd is, if they had GMs in game (similar to WoW), they could just go to major cities or some of the other zones and see literally hundreds of bots running around, farming, etc. that they could ban… I was hoping after reset (e.g. ban wave…?) the AH would become more usable, but it’s still not. Very frustrating.


@Roxx @OminousOnion

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please help

I think they may somehow be benefitting from these bots. Keep the gold prices inflated, make things harder to get, etc. They could EASILY stop it if they wanted to. They aren’t

I think I am done, I am really trying to give them a chance, but I can’t even get to the second page in marketplace without getting a error.

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There is a bug with this message. The correct message is: “Too many bots are using the service…”

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This issue coupled with the ‘Checking your purchase history’ and constant mid raid disconnects Is enough to have me on the tipping point of dropping this game. Amazon really screwed the pooch on the western release imo


Why the AH was working perfectly fine when we had 600-700k bots in the game?

actually this is literally the same problem they had a few months back due to bots literally all the same problem is happening again lol