Too many adventurers

I believe there is a problem accessing the auction house. No matter what time of the day I am on, the auction house is too busy to use. Could you please look into this? Thank you!


I’m 100% sure this is not due to actual players, and it’s something malicious the botters are doing to put strain on the auction house. This is a serious joke though, I hope they do something to stop these people.

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Yeah it’s been an issue since September and I don’t think they’ve even officially acknowledge this huge problem.

Today, I tried to search for engraving books. First 3 times I hit search, it told me there were too many adventurers. The next 2 times, it said the search had no results. When I finally got to the first page, I tried to go to page 2 and it told me an unknown error has occurred. I gave up.

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It is simple stop spending cash on cash shop or just stop playing.

Same thing happens in WoW when the player requested a change and the dev said no because it is impossible, after a massive exodus the impossible thing become possible.

As of 7:10 pm est, I am finding the market to be unusable. No search can be completed or items can be looked at. The error message I am getting is #180001. Please help.

This has nothing to do with the cash shop.

Good morning, I signed in today and went to see if I could access the auction house and I was denied. Auction house is essentially dead to use.