Too many harmony shards!

Hey everyone,

I quick question, I was so stupid to use all my harmony shard pouches, also from all the islands (and I have done them more or less all…) on my main, as I thought, them going under currency, that it is roster-wide. Now, having started an Alt, nightmare unfolded and I realized that they are actually character bound. Am I right? Is there a way to transfer these over 70k harmony shards from my main to an alt or do something with them?

Also, except for dungeons, raids, bloodstone and crafting those maps on the strongholds, is there a possibility to do the island quests again somehow? Or am I “stuck” to the methods mentioned?


It´s the time gate for alts. You can exchange rift shards (from chaos gates) in vern for maps which drop them, do it with 4 people as all will get loot.

Buy them from the AH.

Just make all the alts you wanna play in the future an run chaos dungeons with them from time to time to avoid it.

Why would they let us transfer them? That’d ruin the incentive to spend money, can’t be having that now can we?

Well, first of all it is of course my mistake. Nobody forced me to use those damn pouches :smiley: I just did, because of not knowing / checking that it is bound from then on…

very common mistake. the funny thing is it wont really be an issue if we had catch up like RU has. I do agree tho NOTHING should be bound to my person it should all be bound to my roster or not bound at all. please explain to my why i have to pay a pheon fee to transfer a ring or a stone I found on my main to an alt…oh thats right money.

Yeah you would think they wouldn’t put it under the currency tab or something if it was char bound >.>

Well, for such transfers I am fine I guess, since the game is f2p (no p2w discussion) and there has to be some form of monitorization for it to keep up its good quality.

But yeah, thanks for the nice feedback so far. I guess I ought to grind a bit more then and let those 70k shards on my main rest in peace :X