Too many junk engravings

I understand you want us to get loot, but damn. 80% of the engravings in this game is so awful and its just trash and will never be used. How about redoing them or just remove the ones no one will ever use and give us more honing material instead.

This simply isn’t true. There’s a lot of off-meta engravings that are perfectly viable, and as we get more content the number of viable engravings will increase. You don’t need min-maxed meta engravings.

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Its simply true stop making excuses.

10 engravings are popular while 19 is used by no one at all in any scenario.

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yes, there are meta engravings, but that doesn’t mean the other engravings aren’t viable. For example, Increased MP Efficiency is pretty damn good on a Mayhem Zerker with 1200crit/500swiftness.

Yeah… this is false lol. You will NEED min/max engravings or you will be rejected from raids. It’s already happening and rightfully so. I’m not trying to play with a 3x3 max mp, lightning fury, surge deathblade lol.

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No, you really don’t need min/max engravings. I clear P3 Argos every week and I don’t have them.

I think the reason could be they want to have some bad to offset the good? Kinda the same with bad stats like endurance, domination and expertise. Creates a loot system where it becomes more valuable that way? Kinda cynical, but also makes sense. I do wish they’d rework some, but I think no matter what, there’s always going to be the META, so it might be somewhat pointless. Maybe just get rid of a few outright.

can u even name 90% of the engravings? let alone tell us what they do off the top of your head

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Used Engravings

  • Cursed Doll
  • Grudge
  • Keen Blunt Weapon
  • Adrenaline
  • Master of Ambush
  • Spirit Absorption
  • Raid Captain
  • Hit Master
  • Awakening
  • Precise Dagger

Useless Engravings

  • Broken Bone
  • Champion’s Tenacity
  • Contender
  • Crisis Evasion
  • Crushing Fist
  • Disrespect
  • Divine Protection
  • Emergency Rescue
  • Enhanced Shield
  • Explosive Expert
  • Fortitude
  • MP Efficiency Increase
  • Magick Stream
  • Master of Escape
  • Necromancy
  • Preemptive Strike
  • Propulsion
  • Shield Piercing
  • Strong Will
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I said, it’s starting in Argos. You don’t NEED them for Argos, you will for Legion Raids. I promise you, you will not get accepted, or if you’re doing matchmaking you will fail dps checks once they get introduced by not having optimal engravings set up. This is a fact, proven in KR. You’re probably a grudge hater as well lol. You all will be running grudge in the near future or not running raids, period.

and ur list of useless is literally wrong, but aye man do u i cant help all the hooligans on the forums , some of yall gotta just look clueless

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There will always be elitist, but I assure you there will also always be players defying the meta and doing more DPS than you at the same time.

Keep telling yourself that MATEEEEEEEYYYYYY

Keep dreaming kid lol. You act like you know more than KR players that have been doing this for years with ppl that test stuff constantly. I will look forward to your post about how ppl shouldn’t judge you for heavy armor, class and drops of ether with grudge 1 and you explaining why grudge 1 is better than grudge 3.

lol alright buddy… hope you enjoy your time playing Lost Ark.

It’s not elitist when there’s evidence to the contrary btw. You go show me proof of a raid group clearing content in legion raids where ppl aren’t using grudge and I’ll venmo you $1k

One of the best F2P and known players on the KR servers, also playing in NA rn. Might want to take some notes.

(8) Lost Ark - Kanima Reacts to Grudge Phobia in Western Version, Lost Ark Reddit - YouTube

I’ve got significantly more money than I need and it sounds like you might need to swipe for your meta build… so why don’t you hold onto that money.

So you just want to try to be edgy and do off meta because you think you’re galaxy brain and no one ever tried anything like that ever or did the calculations and testing? Gotcha